This Diablo 4 loot castle holds the best Server Slam gear

A Server Slam stronghold proves one of the best farming spots for Diablo 4 loot in the ongoing beta test, providing a great way to gear up for the Ashava fight.

Diablo 4 loot farm Server Slam - a pale, female Necromancer with vibrant blue eyes and red hair tied back into a ponytail.

Getting the best Diablo 4 loot in the ongoing Server Slam is going to be critical if you’re hoping to be ready to take down the world boss when the Diablo 4 Ashava spawn times arrive. Fortunately, as players swarm the servers of one of the biggest upcoming RPG games, one spot has proven great for farming high level gear in Diablo 4.

If you’ve already made it to level 20 and are aiming to jump your item level up from the 300 mark to 350 or even higher ahead of Ashava’s arrival in the Diablo 4 Server Slam, your instinct is probably to farm dungeons and events, and roll for gear with your Murmuring Obols in Kyovashad when you can. While that’s a solid move, the removal of the last beta test’s inflated drop rates means legendary gear is extremely few and far between.

Fortunately, one out-of-the-way stronghold offers a potential solution. You might not have ventured up to Kor Dragan, high in the north of the Fractured Peaks above Menestad to the west. Even if you have, the big on-screen warning that the area is level 30+, high above the level 20 cap of the Server Slam, might give you pause for thought.

Diablo 4 loot farm Server Slam - map showing the location of Kor Dragan, high to the northwest of the Fractured Peaks.

The good news is that Kor Dragan offers some fantastic potential drops for bold adventurers to claim; the great news is that you don’t even need to be able to face the deadly denizens within to claim it. PCGamesN has done some testing and can confirm that the best drop rates in Kor Dragan aren’t from the enemies, anyway, but rather from the corpses and chests found dotted around its halls.

You’ll certainly be accosted by hordes of enemies, so if you have abilities to stun, slow, disable, or otherwise evade large groups then they’ll come in handy, but you can quickly make your way around the stronghold and snap up the gear without too much trouble. With the Decrepify curse and Blood Mist for safety, my Necromancer was able to outmanoeuvre the masses and pick out clothing like a veteran shopper gliding through Black Friday crowds.

You’ll find that much of the gear is out of your level range, but some of it will land at level 20. After just one tour of the stronghold, I’d managed to pull out a few gear pieces with dramatic stat boosts – even the white and blue gear is likely to top the rares and legendaries you’ll have upon reaching level 20 stat-wise, and any fitting rares you find can be upgraded with legendary powers, so it’s a great place to ramp up for Ashava. The stuff you can’t use can be scrapped or sold to help cover your crafting and respec costs.

Diablo 4 loot farm Server Slam - screenshot in Kor Dragan, showing blue drops at a much higher item level than the level 20 character's current legendary gear.

Once you’ve run through the zone, you can reload to get the drops to respawn, or head back to town and sell up before returning later. It doesn’t even matter too much if you die while exploring the stronghold (unless you’re a hardcore player), as you’ll simply lose some durability on your items. With this up your sleeve, you’ll be sure to get your stats up nicely by the time Ashava rocks up and claim yourself all the Diablo 4 Server Slam rewards for beating her.

As mentioned before, Necromancer has been my class of choice – yes, the skeletons are feeling rather frail compared to the past beta, but outside of bosses they’ve proven fairly reliable nonetheless and I’m intending to lean on a less minion-focused Diablo 4 Necromancer build focused on Bone Spear, Bone Prison, and the aforementioned Decrepify to deal plenty of damage to Ashava while helping my team survive. Whatever you opt for, good luck out there.

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