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Blizzard still hasn’t fixed that devilish Diablo 4 memory leak

A Diablo 4 memory leak issue present in the Server Slam build is causing freezes, crashes, and other performance problems in the early access build of the game.

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To say Diablo 4‘s launch is a success would be an understatement, with the RPG’s servers coping just fine despite the flocks of gamers already playing a few days early after purchasing the game’s ‘Ultimate Edition’. Of course, the real test will come as the rest of the player base arrives after the early access period, but early indications suggest Blizzard’s decision to run a Server Slam event to identify any problems before launch day was a sensible one. We are noticing some gremlins, or more appropriately, demons, in the system, though, like this irritating memory leak issue.

Blizzard’s reputation was very much on the line with Diablo 4, thanks to several unpopular decisions, like axing the Overwatch 2 PvE mode, leading many to lose faith in the World of Warcraft developer. Troubled launches and shocking PC optimization have plagued several recent triple-A games, including Star Wars Jedi Survivor, so Blizzard looks to have played a blinder with how smooth Diablo 4’s launch has been. It hasn’t all been perfect, though, with some players experiencing memory leak problems.

If you’ve not encountered memory leak before, it’s a condition where memory is allocated but not de-allocated by a program. If this happens too many times, the process can experience major issues. During the Diablo 4 beta, our guides team noticed a devilish memory leak issue if you had the game set to its top graphics settings, causing the game to crash. Now, players over on Reddit have noticed the same problem in early access, with stutters and freezes the unfortunate result.

No fix has been announced yet, and we’ve not had time to test fully ourselves, so we’ll just have to hope Blizzard pulls its finger out and gets a solution in the pipeline. Some users have reported that lowering the graphics settings, including textures, to medium and restarting your PC can solve the problem, but we can’t confirm that for sure.

Other than this small but annoying issue, we’re having a blast exploring Sanctuary with Diablo 4. Awarding a perfect score, our Diablo 4 review said the action RPG takes the “best elements of its predecessors, sewing them together to create an ever-changing, ever-evolving chimera that we can’t wait to play for years to come.” Check out our guide to the best Diablo 4 settings to make sure the only demons you’re facing are on-screen enemies you can obliterate with sword or spell.