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New Diablo 4 midseason patch notes bring big barbarian buffs

Diablo 4’s next patch notes are live and Blizzard is buffing underused classes and builds, but it’s barbarians who are the big winners.

New Diablo 4 midseason patch notes brings big barbarian buffs : A barbarian in Diablo 4 looks ready for battle.

Season four of Diablo 4 has largely been a success. Steam reviews are climbing, community sentiment seems better, and player numbers have risen and have yet to drop down. For arguably the first time since the game launched, it’s in a good position. That’s something developer Blizzard recognizes and is reflected in the scope of the next patch for the game. Think of it more like a nudge, rather than a revolution.

This time around Blizzard isn’t really nerfing anyone in particular, instead aiming to bring some builds and classes up to a more competitive level. The biggest winners in this Diablo 4 patch are undoubtedly barbarians, especially whirlwind barbarians. One of the most popular builds in the entire RPG series, it might get even more popular after these changes. Flat damage increases are the name of the game, so if holding down the spin to win button is your thing it’s time to head back in and get rotating.

Of course barbarians aren’t the only ones to get buffs, druids, rogues, necromancers, and sorcerers have also been hit by the buff cannon, though in a more muted fashion. Sorcerers in particular will become a little more durable, with a couple of ways to reduce damage getting increased effectiveness.

It’s not all good news, however, as one popular – but broken – effect from the Holy Bolts Elixir has been fixed. Previously it was dealing damage based on the enemy’s health and would trigger to truly ridiculous levels when combined with pets, such as necromancer minions. This meant it was possible to clear The Pit with very little effort. It’ll now be based on your weapon damage, meaning those using it to dive into The Pit will have to learn another technique.

The Pit overall has received a rebalancing pass too. Health and damage levels have been reduced, making it much more viable to complete runs and return with rewards. The idea behind this is to help more players get into masterworking, and to provide a smoother endgame experience.

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You can check out the full notes on the official site and patch 1.4.3 will launch for Diablo 4 on Monday June 17.

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