This key feature is missing when you make a new Diablo 4 character

Diablo 4 players are wondering why Blizzard has left out one key feature when you replay the game with a new character, as it could further streamline play.

This key feature is missing when you make a new Diablo 4 character: a person covered in red light with a stern look on their face

Diablo 4 is almost out of early access, and many players are already starting up a new class in the Blizzard RPG game after beating the campaign. However, they’ve found that one key feature is missing. Quite a lot carries over to new characters once you beat Diablo 4, but this contentious feature is sure to cause an even bigger stir when the full Diablo 4 release date rolls around.

When you create a new character using one of the Diablo 4 classes, the revealed parts of the map you’ve already explored don’t carry over, but a handful of other things do. This has led to community discussion on whether or not the Diablo 4 map should carry over between characters alongside everything else – remember to check out the Diablo 4 patch notes 1.0.2d when making a new class too, as each and every one has already seen some significant changes.

When you beat the campaign and start a new character, you’re met with the option to essentially skip the campaign itself and explore the entire world of Sanctuary at your own pace. While this is an excellent feature to help streamline replay value, it feels a bit odd to not have the details of the map already filled in, especially with what you explored in previous playthroughs.

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You can travel to any and all town portals you found with previous characters, and you immediately get your Diablo 4 mount as well, so many of us are wondering why the map itself is wiped every time you start with a new character and skip the campaign.

For me the solution is quite simple, just let us pick whether or not we want the map to be filled in or refreshed when we play with a new class after beating the story once. With many of us already reaching the Diablo 4 ending and seeing most, if not all, of Sanctuary, why can’t we have the option to keep our map progress to make playing with new characters a bit easier? This highly upvoted Reddit thread thinks so.

With Blizzard continuing to listen to player feedback, this map feature may still emerge in Diablo 4. In the meantime though, you’ll want to check out our breakdown of the Diablo 4 system requirements ahead of the full launch, alongside where to find all the Diablo 4 dungeons, in case you missed any the first time around.