How to get a pet in Diablo 4

A Diablo 4 pet can provide a welcome dose of cute while you’re mired in the blood and muck of Sanctuary, so here’s how to unlock a trusty four-legged friend.

Diablo 4 pets: A werewolf stands on a rock, arms outstretched and eyes shining in the murky gloom, its pack lurking in the shadows behind it.

How do you get a Diablo 4 pet? The hell-torn wastes of Diablo 4 can get pretty lonely at times, so we don’t blame you if you’re looking to bring an adorable little pal along with you. Here are the Diablo 4 pets on offer, as well as all the requirements you need to meet in order to adopt them.

The best Diablo 4 classes do allow you to summon NPCs to come to your aid, but while the Druid’s spirit animals are certainly a delight, they’re not what we would consider an actual Diablo 4 pet. Of course, we can’t ignore the Diablo 4 mount; this trusty steed can get you from one side of the Diablo 4 map to the other without breaking a sweat, but it’s still not what we’d consider an actual pet. If you’re on the hunt for man’s best friend in Blizzard’s acclaimed ARPG, here’s how to get a Diablo 4 pet.

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How to unlock a Diablo 4 pet

The closest players can get to a Diablo 4 pet is the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item, which you can only unlock and equip if you reached level 20 in one of the betas that ran prior to launch.

You can equip the Beta Wolf Pack in Diablo 4 by heading to the wardrobe in any major city and selecting it from your Back Trophy collection, located under the ‘Items’ tab. This special backpack contains a sleeping wolf pup that you can carry along with you while battling through Strongholds and facing off against fearsome Diablo 4 world bosses. The Beta Wolf Pack is entirely cosmetic, so while you can’t interact with your wolf pup, it also can’t come to harm.

Unfortunately, the Beta Wolf Pack remains an exclusive pre-launch reward and cannot be acquired now that the Diablo 4 release date has passed. However, we’re pretty certain that more Diablo 4 pets are due to follow as part of the Diablo 4 battle pass, so be sure to check back as we head into the upcoming seasons.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on Diablo 4 pets, feel free to pet the dogs to get your furry fix while roaming across Sanctuary – but don’t forget to tell them to wait in town before you leave. Alternatively, you can settle for a human companion or two in Diablo 4 co-op and crossplay. They may not be a fraction as cute, but they’ll certainly pull their weight when farming for rare materials or experience on your way to endgame. On that note, check out our Diablo 4 review to discover how we found the demonic grind.