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Diablo 4 Spiritborn class speculation and leaks

Diablo 4’s newest class, the Spiritborn, is a warrior connected with the land, and the people who lived on it; here’s what we know so far.

What is the Diablo 4 Spiritborn class? When it comes to dispatching demonic enemies, there are multiple flavors of destruction in Diablo 4. You can take a utilitarian approach to murder, opting for heavy objects to cave in the skulls of your enemies, or you can go a more mystical route, weaving spells and raising the dead to do your dirty work. It’s all about self-expression, and with the newest D4 expansion, it looks like you’ll be able to add a new string to your metaphorical bow.

The Diablo 4 DLC release date draws ever nearer, and we’re hungrily gobbling up any bits of information we can get our hands on. One of the most intriguing additions coming with Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred is the new class: The Spiritborn. There isn’t much to go off right now, however, Blizzard is planning a full class reveal on July 18. Until then, we’re taking a look at the rumors and potential leaks to speculate on the Diablo 4 Spiritborn class.

Diablo 4 Spiritborn: a huge arch ruin in the middle of a dense jungle.

Diablo 4 Spiritborn class

The Spiritborn hail from Nahantu, which should ring a bell for fans of Diablo 2 – it’s a long-forgotten jungle, home to countless ruins, and is where the Spiritborn look to gain their power. The apex predators of the jungle, the Spiritborn have a connection with their surroundings, and as you venture further into Nahantu, you’ll likely unlock more powerful abilities.

Diablo 4 Spiritborn leaked skills

A Reddit post shows some alleged leaks of the Spiritborn class, namely ability names. We have the Spiritborn abilities below, split into the four in-game categories. Be aware that these are alleged leaks, and may not appear at all in the final release.


  • Razor Wing
  • Bat Swarm
  • Soar
  • Watcher’s Volley


  • Spore Pod
  • Pestilence
  • Devourer’s Wake
  • Pounce
  • Leech Harvest


  • Dreadful Spiders
  • Hunter’s Claw
  • Viper Pit
  • Vine Hook


  • Vicious Parry

There isn’t too much to go on for now, but rest assured we’ll update this guide as soon as the full class reveal drops. If you’re working your way through Diablo 4 in preparation for the new DLC, make sure you check our best Diablo 4 classes guide, and our best Diablo 4 builds guide so you can smash Lilith as efficiently as possible.