Diablo 4 Veiled Crystals explained

Collecting loot in D4 is only half the battle if you want to become powerful, you’ll have to upgrade gear with Diablo 4 Veiled Crystals to reach your potential.

A horned, grey-skinned woman holds an orange crystal.

What are Diablo 4 Veiled Crystals? In your time with D4, you’ll bring enemies to their knees in their thousands, collecting what you can from the bodies, discarding gear that isn’t fit for a powerful demi-god such as yourself. Collecting weapons and armor from the corpses of your enemies will only take you so far, however, and at some point, you will have to start enhancing your gear to reach the next level of destruction.

Our Diablo 4 review goes into how the click ‘em up is a power fantasy, about the rush you feel laying waste to the seemingly endless enemies in Lilith’s army. You won’t get to that point on skill alone – you’ll have to think ahead after you’ve chosen your Diablo 4 class, about where you want to be. Diablo 4 Veiled Crystals will be a massive part of realizing that dream.

What are Veiled Crystals?

Diablo 4 Veiled Crystals are a salvaged material, and they are used to enhance weapons and armor at the Blacksmith, to raise their level and effectiveness in battle. When upgrading gear that is rare or better, you will need Veiled Crystals to complete the upgrade.

How do I get Veiled Crystals?

You receive Veiled Crystals whenever you use the Diablo 4 salvage function on weapons or armor that are rated rare or better. Veiled Crystals are stored in the salvaged materials tab in your inventory, so thankfully they don’t take up space.

It’s worth keeping in mind, then, that when you see gear on the ground that is rare or better, it could have a use beyond simply wearing or wielding. A bow found on the ground that has a lower DPS than your current one would still be useful as a resource rather than a killing instrument.

Now you know what Diablo 4 Veiled Crystals are, and how you can find them, it’s time to start grinding. Check out our best Barbarian, best Rogue, and best Druid build guides so you have a clear objective to aim for when outfitting your character.