Warcraft I & II join Diablo 1 on GOG today

Blizzard's classic RTSs have arrived on GOG, following in Diablo's demonic footsteps

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March 28, 2019 Warcraft I & II are now available on GOG, following the release of Diablo earlier this month.

The first two Warcraft games are now available on GOG. The release of the classic RTS games was announced earlier this month alongside the release of the original Diablo on the platform, but both are now available to buy.

Warcraft I first released in 1994, and was followed up by its sequel late the following year. Blizzard seemed to be on a roll at that point, as 1996 then saw the release of Diablo, which arrived on GOG on March 7, with traditional graphics and the option to play either via Windows 10, or through Battle.Net if you fancy a less traditional experience.

Warcraft I is barely changed beyond a pot to modern systems, but its sequel will offer a similar choice as the Diablo port. You’ll be able to either play in higher resolution but be limited to LAN play, or take the original graphics and get your multiplayer fix over Battle.Net.


Those are likely to be the only Blizzard games to come to the platform, as remastered versions of Warcraft III and StarCraft are both available on Blizzard’s own launcher. That said, there’s no sign of Diablo II. The 2000 sequel isn’t available on Battle.Net, but there’s no mention of it in the aforementioned press release.

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Given that we’ll be waiting a while for Diablo 4, however, the re-release is likely to help tide over the series’ fans. Assuming you’re not a planning to get hold of Diablo: Immortal, this is likely to be your only opportunity for a ‘new’ trip to Sanctuary for a while.