Project Diablo 2, a massive rework mod with seasonal updates, launches this week

Project Diablo 2 aims to keep "improving on the game as if development never ceased"

A devil staring menacingly

If you’re looking for more Diablo 2 and are exhausted of going ‘will they or won’t they’ for an official remaster, Project Diablo 2 might be just what you’re after. The massive mod reworks the classic action-RPG pretty much from top to bottom, “improving on the game as if development never ceased”, and it launches this week. And if you don’t mind working through some technical problems, you can actually start playing right now.

Project Diablo 2 officially launches on November 6 with its first season, Awakening, but an open beta kicked off today if you want to get in early and help the modders work out the early issues. You can head over to the Project Diablo 2 website to get the details – and, of course, download the mod for yourself.

The intent here is to start a new, long-term life for Diablo 2. The mod reworks skills and adds new ones to emphasise build diversity, gives us a massive item rebalance, expands the endgame content, offers a host of quality of life improvements, and ties it all into a seasonal ladder system with major updates every four months.

“It’s essentially about applying 20 years of RPG knowledge and backdating it to Diablo 2 so that we can pretend the game has been patched that long,” project lead SenpaiSomething told us earlier this year.

That Diablo 4 release date is still a long, long way away, so it’s good to have some alternatives.