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Better the devil you know - The Curse of Tristram brings Diablo 2 to StarCraft 2 Arcade

Diablo 2

A developer who goes by the name Egod has recreated the majority of Diablo 2 for StarCraft 2 Arcade, with an alpha test coming this summer.

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Recreating one of the most highly rated dungeon crawlers of all time is no easy task, and Egod is undertaking it for free, only funding the work through small donations on Patreon, presumably fueled only by internet comments from people who are terrified of change.

“My goal is to bring back one of the best [games] ever made, (Diablo II: Lord of Destruction) into a recent 3D Engine and bring it to another level,” says Egod on the project’s Patreon page.

The free StarCraft 2 mod will be released as a series of custom maps and published through Battle.net Arcade.

Most of the core systems are already developed, so it’s mostly a case of reimagining the scenarios and stitching it all together. Progress so far is looking promising, as you’ll see in the trailer below: