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World of Diablo: here’s what Diablo 3 looks like with a normal third-person perspective

Diablo III - A Different Perspective

Dungeon-crawling, hacking and slashing loot-fests, games like Diablo, Torchlight, Titan Quest, they’re all isometric affairs. With that camera fixed in the sky, all that lovely loot and all those horrible monsters are a lot easier to click on.

A change in perspective makes a dramatic difference, transforming Diablo into something that looks a lot like World of Warcraft. MonstrousD3 has been fiddling with Diablo III’s camera, and the result is less Diablo, more World of Warcraft. It all looks a bit odd. Take a gander below. 

With the camera aimed at the character’s back, charging enemies are certainly a lot more intimidating, but obviously Diablo III wasn’t designed to be played from this perspective, and that throws up some problems.

Most notably, it’s a bit of a pain to control.

“I can move, but I have to control the camera manually and my character actually moves faster than the camera resulting in some start/stop catchup,” MonstrousD3 wrote in the YouTube comments.

The camera doesn’t exactly catch the environment’s good side, either. The same goes for the monster and character animations. It’s just a little bit uglier than it normally is. I love it, though. A small change makes a big difference, and it goes to show how a camera angle can inform so much of a game’s design.

Cheers, Kotaku.