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A Diablo 3 player has reached paragon level 1,000 on hardcore mode

diablo 3 paragon level 1000 blizzard nokieka

Nokieka’s better at Diablo 3 than you. He’s better at Diablo than anyone. Nokieka managed to get his demon hunter to paragon level 1,000 while playing on hardcore mode. That means he didn’t die.

Not even once.

Blizzard introduced paragon levels a few months after Diablo 3 launched back in 2012. The system essentially introduced infinite levels for players to level up through. After reach level 70 players start earning experience towards their first paragon level. However, the challenge comes from the amount of XP you need: each new paragon level requires twice the XP of the previous level. That means very quickly you’re looking at needing hundreds of millions of XP to level up.

Clearly Nokieka reaching paragon level 1,000 is no mean feat. Now take into account the fact he did it on a hardcore mode character and we’re looking at something seriously impressive. On hardcore mode if you die then you lose your character. It’s wiped completely.

You can see his moment of glory as he hit level 1,000 here:

What’s Nokieka been up to since his crowning achievement? Well, according to the Diablo 3 leaderboards, he’s already reached level 1,002.

While other players have reached level 1,000 on softcore mode before now it’s interesting seeing how long it’s taken a player to achieve this. On November 29, 2012 Alkaizer became the first person in the world to reach paragon level 100, two days after Blizzard introduced paragon leveling.

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