Diablo 3’s got a new Lord of Terror: really bad lag

Diablo III lag

It’s hard to kill demons and gather up mountains of loot and gold when you’re faced with lots of horrible lag. Since the weekend, Diablo III players have been reporting “major lag” that renders the game unplayable, even in the single-player mode. And it looks like it’s not been restricted to just one region. 

Blizzard is looking into it, and hasn’t ruled out some shady plan being carried out by minions of the Lord of Terror. 

Blizzard’s technical support is collecting information to pass on to network engineers, and there’s a stickied thread where you can post your trace route information if you’ve been a victim of this lag plague.

Here’s what Blizzard wants:

  • Trace route info when you trace to
  • Results of Looking Glass utility (select Diablo III in the program)
  • ISP and location

With that, you should reply to the stickied post.

Have any of you lovely adventurers been hit with some nasty lag over the last few days?

Cheers, PC Gamer.