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Diablo III 2.1.2 patch notes speak of even Greater Rifts and ancient items

Diablo III

In a world where angels and demons throttle each other on the regular, things don’t age in quite the same way. In Sanctuary, ancient items don’t pale and wane or dissolve on exposure to sunlight: they benefit from stats up to 30% better than their legendary equivalents.

Ancient rarity items are just one pillar of a characteristically far-reaching Diablo III patch announced at BlizzCon 2014 - and now taking shape in the public test realm.

Diablo III is designed to be played and replayed, and ancient items are for the players who’ve done a lot of the latter. If you’ve been lucky enough to have picked up well-rolled legendaries, ancient items will allow you another tier to reach for.

Greater rifts in general are benefitting from a balance update. Rather than remove the powerful conduit pylon that’s bothered Diablo players of late, Blizzard have buffed the rest - allowing shield pylons to reflect damage and explode on expiration, and speed pylons to boost players’ knock-back abilities.

You can see the patch notes as they currently stand on the next page - and try out their changes for yourself by creating a PTR account.

In a future patch, Blizzard have plans to plonk a new zone into Rifts that might spark memories of Diablo II. Sesheron is the homeland of the barbarians (who’ve forgotten to put their teeth in, if that name’s anything to go by). Expect new monsters, including a rat king. Oo-err.

Did you know? It took just one 20-minute meeting for Blizzard to decide to close the Diablo III auction house. If only they'd had it earlier, eh?

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3 Years ago

All I can say is amazing patch notes can't wait to play it!