Diablo III patch 2.4.0 live in the Americas, brings Action Combat mode to PC

Diablo 3 patch 2.4.0 now live

Blizzard have launched Diablo’s patch 2.4.0 in the Americas, with Europe set to follow tomorrow. The new update brings with it a new zone, expanded existing areas, over 50 new Legendary items and substantial tweaks to seasons, not to mention the popular console version of Action Combat for PC.

Diablo 3 is one of our best RPGs for PC.

Much of the latest update has already been revealed before now – such is Blizzard’s penchant for prolonged reveals – however Blizzard have released an overview video which tackles its highlights. Here’s community manager Brandy Camel – aka Nevalistis – with what patch 2.4.0 bestows upon Diablo 3:

The introduction of new area Greyhollow Island tops the list there, while two existing zones – The Ruins of Sescheron and Leoric’s Manor – have been expanded with new areas to explore, new bounties to chase and new events to uncover.

Around the two and half minute mark, Camel goes into detail on season revisions. She says: “We’ve made a number of revisions to seasons in patch 2.4.0. We’re introducing the season rebirth feature, which allows you to take an existing non-seasonal hero, and instantly transform them into a fresh, level one season character. While your character name and hours played will persist all other accomplishments are left behind in your non-seasonal records.

“This includes achievements completed and crafting recipes learned. In addition, any gear you had equipped before will be automatically mailed and can be collected by non-seasonal characters for up to 30 days. If you want to jump straight into a season the moment it launches, this is the fastest way to get back in the action.”

Camel also states seasons will now have a set-length (starting with season five) at “approximately three months”, and that season-exclusive legendaries have been canned with new rewards in their place.

PC players can now also get in on the Action Combat action, a service which was once reserved for console players. Here, you can earn extra experience, movement speed, and other buffs by exacting destruction streaks and massacring anything that dares move. Standard Diablo then, yeah?

Check out the full patch notes over here.