Join our Diablo 3 clan as we jump head first into Seasons

Diablo III Seasons

Patch 2.1 for Diablo III is nearly fully deployed, as the new Seasons game mode is launching in less than half an hour here in the EU. If you’re like me in that you sat there anxiously waiting for the floodgates to open, then I have some good news: PCGamesN has its own clan so you don’t have to go it alone, with both softcore and hardcore players. 

If you’re looking for some companions to watch your back as you venture into the breech once again, here’s how to join.

To join up, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Communities’ button, or press Shift+O.
  2. Search for “PCGamesN” in the clan search field, not to be confused with communities.
  3. Send your application and it will be accepted asap.

I’ll be on for the majority of the night, so you’ll likely be accepted pretty quickly.

We also have our very own RaidCall: a simple voip program for our readers to get all chatty in. Installing is really simple: just click this link and download the client. Click it again once the client is installed and it will take you right to the room. Failing that, you can search for “PCGamesN” in the group tab to find us.

If you’re already part of a clan and your loyalty is strong, don’t worry. You can always add me personally at Archernick#2970 and we can party up sometime; but I tend to only play Hardcore.