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Diablo Immortal charms: how to upgrade, salvage, and sell

Diablo Immortal charms provide a welcome boost to your character’s skills in the endgame, giving you the vital edge needed to triumph in both PvP and PvE

Diablo Immortal charms: A cinematic shot of a Diablo Immortal wizard casting a spell as a demon looms over her with an open maw.

Not sure how to make the most of your Diablo Immortal charms? It’s been quite some time since we last saw charms in Blizzard’s long-standing RPG game series, though they’re quite different from their debut in Diablo 2. In a nutshell, Diablo Immortal charms are equippable items that increase the potency of your skills. They’re specifically designed for late-game gear progression. You can’t even equip a charm until you’re at least level 56, though in all likelihood several will have found their way into your inventory by that point.

Unlike most items you can equip in-game, Diablo Immortal charms don’t come with class restrictions; you are free to equip whichever you like, regardless of their bonuses. Be sure to equip a charm that will prove useful to your character, both in terms of being compatible with your class, and with a bonus for a skill you actually use.

Charms take a great deal of time and materials to upgrade, so the optimal time to start investing in them would be once you’re at Hell 1 difficulty or above. If you’re a bit short of the Diablo Immortal leveling cap then it’s best to prioritise kitting your character out with all the set items and Legendary gems you desire before turning your attention fully to charms.

How to get and sell charms

So it turns out you can’t actually sell charms outright, but you can sell Skill Stones which are explained later on. However, you can purchase charms via the Hilts Trader in Westmarch. You can buy up to three Simple Charms for 100 Hilts per week as standard, but it’s also worth looking at the Limited Time stock as there’s a chance an additional gem will become available for purchase. Remember, Limited Time items refresh every eight hours, so it’s worth a look if you’re stopping by the vendor periodically.

Charms may also be awarded upon completion of bounties. Though the chances of receiving a Charm are fairly slim, bounties require minimal effort to complete so it’s worth farming them regardless. Keep in mind that there’s a limit of eight bounties available per day, which means that you’ll have 56 chances per week to receive a charm via this method.

Diablo Immortal Charms: An overview of the Diablo Immortal bounty board, with four requests to kill various Diablo Immortal creatures for XP, currency, and a random item.

Ultimately, daily activities are by far the most effective way of acquiring Diablo Immortal charms. Once you’ve completed your tasks and earned enough Battle Points, you can redeem one charm as your daily activity reward. At present, up to eight charms are also available via levelling up the free tier of the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass. You’ll receive the first four at level 16, and then a further four once at level 36. Obviously, this is not a sustainable way to source charms but it does make for a nice bonus while you’re climbing the ladder.

How to upgrade and salvage charms

Charms can be upgraded from Rank 1 to Rank 5 via the Charm Craftsman in Westmarch. Each rank costs 20 Alchemical Powder, which you can only obtain through salvaging charms. Only Rank 1 charms may be salvaged, and you’ll receive a stack of 10 Alchemical Powder per charm.

If you’re feeling disheartened at the prospect of sacrificing your hard-earned charms, don’t fret. Inevitably, you’ll find yourself carrying a surplus that will never be useful to you simply because they’re not tailored to your class or build, so be sure to offer those up instead of the charms that are relevant to you.

Each time you rank up a charm, it will unlock an additional +2% bonus to a random skill for any Diablo Immortal class. A fully upgraded Charm will offer five randomly assigned bonuses to various skills. Unfortunately, this means that the odds of receiving a full suite of bonuses suited to your character are slim to none; you’ll likely find the majority of charms you upgrade to a maximum rank will only offer one or two useful bonuses at most.

How to use a Skill Stone to imbue charms

If you’re disappointed with the skill bonuses attached to your fully upgraded charm, you can attempt to reroll them by imbuing them with a Skill Stone. To create a Skill Stone, seek out the Charm Craftsman, who will extract the skill bonuses from a fully upgraded charm and place them into a Skill Stone.

If giving up one of your more powerful charms wasn’t enough, this process also includes an additional cost of 500 Platinum, so be sure that the charm you’re converting has at least one skill you’d like to apply to another charm before you begin.

Once you’ve got your Skill Stone, you can imbue an existing charm that you own with a random skill contained within that Skill Stone. To imbue, simply select the charm you’d like to modify, then choose the skill you’d like to replace.

Unfortunately, the skill that’s pulled from the Skill Stone is entirely random, meaning that you’ll only have a 20% chance to imbue your charm with the skill you’d prefer. To make matters worse, this process will also exhaust your Skill Stone, meaning that the four other skills attached will be lost forever.

You do get to choose whether to replace the skill you initially selected on your charm, or retain it, but in all likelihood, you wouldn’t have chosen to replace it in the first place if it was useful to you. Regardless of whether you choose the new skill or not, you can continue to reroll these skills as many times as you like until you’re happy with the random selection.

If this investment doesn’t seem worth it to you, it’s worth mentioning that Skill Stones may also be sold on the Market for around 2500 Platinum, so if you don’t rate your chances with a charm you can convert it into a Skill Stone to cover the costs of later attempts. You can also purchase Skill Stones on the Market, but given their profitability, we really wouldn’t recommend it.

Skill Stone skill bonus modifiers

Once you start farming charms, you’ll quickly realise that the majority you’ll find will only ever offer a +2% skill bonus modifier. It’s impossible to increase the percentage by ranking them up, but every time you use a Skill Stone it will also reroll the bonus modifier and potentially improve it.

Here are the odds of gaining a skill percentage bonus when you imbue charms:

  • 2% Bonus: 75%
  • 4% Bonus: 19.5%
  • 6% Bonus: 4%
  • 8% Bonus: 1%
  • 10% Bonus: 0.5%

As you can see, acquiring the best Diablo Immortal charms is no mean feat, involving a huge amount of time, effort, and in-game currency. Additionally, upgrading them is a gamble by design, so don’t become too fixated on perfecting them unless you’re happy with all other aspects of your build. Unlike Diablo Immortal gems, charms offer quite incremental bonuses and they generally serve as a final flourish to your character. If you’re all geared up, check out our guides on how to join the Diablo Immortal Shadows and Immortals factions to get stuck into PvP.

Blizzard has confirmed that they will be introducing a class change system into their mobile RPG game, so if you strike lucky on a charm with a suite of skills that aren’t relevant for your class, don’t salvage it. Place it in storage, so that if you’d like to switch up your play style you’ll have a headstart for your end-game build. If this strategy appeals to you, have a gander at our rundown of the best Diablo Immortal builds for every class in the game.