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Diablo Immortal clans struggle for PvP as players demand server merges

Diablo Immortal players have expressed concerns with low player counts in their region, with the top clans not having enough users to fill their PvP rosters

Diablo Immortal players demand server merges as clans struggle for PvP: Skull wearing a hood with blue light shining through stands central

Diablo Immortal players are raising concerns about the seemingly-low user counts across all regions, as clans struggle to find enough users for both PvP and PvE modes, and players demand Blizzarrd merge the RPG’s servers.

Released in June, the mobile and PC MMORPG Diablo Immortal received lukewarm appraisal and more than a few side-eyed looks at its microtransactions. , with some players even then concerned about Blizzard’s potential overconfidence in player numbers.

Shortly after Diablo Immortal’s release, a Reddit user posed the question of whether Blizzard may have overestimated the number of players they’d be welcoming to their many servers, asking “it is just me, or have Blizzard over-expected [sic] their own game?”, before also suggesting the possibility of “server merges soon?”

Usually, having options when choosing your server is a good thing – less crowding and no need for server queues when logging on. This goes the other way, too. When a game as social as Diablo Immortal doesn’t have enough players to maintain a healthy, social, environment, then things like clans and in-game events can seem a little pointless.

More recently, however, players have been sharing examples of low player counts on their servers, with some illustrating how even the top ten shadow clans are unable to find a sufficient number of users. With this, players are asking Blizzard to consider merging servers, condensing the play population, and, in theory, creating a more social experience for everyone involved. “Server merger soon?” suggests one Diablo Immortal player. “Can’t even fill the top ten shadows clans.”

For Diablo Immortal to work as intended there needs to be a health player count across all of its servers; the marketplace is a prime example of this – items won’t sell if there aren’t enough users to create demand, and the selection on offer will be sparse if there isn’t anyone to offload their loot. One Reddit user commented: “I’m on Hellfire and the market is dead here. I’ve been trying to sell 2/5 and 3/5 gems for a few days now and nobody’s buying.”

Finding other players to run dungeons has also allegedly been an issue: “Finding players for dungeons is getting harder and while the move to H4 helped, it’s gonna get slow again.” New players may find themselves completely alone while they grind the low-level challenges, while those more acquainted with the game simply won’t have the help they need to complete the more challenging dungeons.

There hasn’t been any word from Blizzard on a potential server merge. However, there are several other Diablo Immortal players that have expressed a different experience in the MMO, saying that their servers do not have issues with low population. “Ours always fills,” writes one user on the Diablo Immortal subreddit. “I feel incredibly lucky,” says another. My server feels very alive since the beginning.” That same player does however add that “server merges need to happen”.

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