How to enable Diablo Immortal crossplay and cross-progression

Here's how Diablo Immortal crossplay works, plus how to enable cross-progression between PC and mobile so you can keep leveling on the go

Diablo Immortal crossplay guide: a Crusader wearing legendary armour

Want to play Diablo Immortal crossplay? The game is available on both PC and mobile, so naturally, you may be wondering if you can enable cross-progression and crossplay between the two platforms.

The good news is Diablo Immortal supports both crossplay and cross-progression. To get Diablo Immortal crossplay working on both mobile and PC, all you need to do is make your character on mobile and then head to the ‘account’ tab of the settings menu. Next, click the ‘connect your account’ option and link it to your account. There is also the option to log in to your account from the title screen once you’ve made your first character. If you’re a bit stuck on which Diablo Immortal class is right for you, check out our tier list to make this step a little easier.

If you’ve already started playing on mobile then you’ll be prompted to link accounts as soon as you boot Diablo Immortal on PC, so it’s hard to miss. On that note, if you’re a mobile player who’s still on the fence about playing on PC, it might be worth checking out the Diablo Immortal system requirements before you take the plunge. As Diablo Immortal is always online, hopping between mobile and PC is pretty seamless – you can even log into one platform while playing on the other, and will automatically save your progress and boot you off the original session.

Is crossplay available in Diablo Immortal?

Yes, crossplay is available for Diablo Immortal on PC and mobile. Blizzard details how the experience works in this blog post, which says, “We wanted to simultaneously ship mobile and PC to start building the crossplay MMO community together.”

Now you know how to enable cross-progression in Diablo Immortal, here’s a Diablo Immortal server list. Crossplay doesn’t extend to servers, so if you’re playing with friends, make sure you’re all playing on the correct server for PC and mobile. Diablo Immortal leveling can be a bit of a slog at times, so we recommend checking out our guide to the best Diablo Immortal builds for your class, or our individual builds for the Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard to ensure you can tear through every challenge the game will throw at you.