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Free to play ARPG Diablo Immortal details new Cursed Solstice events

Diablo Immortal is focusing on fishing with the next big content update for the ARPG MMO, with plenty to slay and loot along the way.

Free to play ARPG Diablo Immortal details new Cursed Solstice events: A barbarian swings a wild blow at a foe.

Diablo fans have never had it so good. You can play the original on GoG, the second game has been remastered, the third is still going, the fourth is in the middle of a renaissance, and Diablo Immortal has come a long way from its pre-launch reception. No matter which of these games you prefer, you can hop into them right now. If bite sized adventures are your thing, Diablo Immortal’s next swathe of content has been detailed – and you won’t have to wait long.

Titled the Cursed Solstice, Diablo Immortal players will be getting two parts of this event very soon. The first coming to the action RPG is the Fisher’s Frenzy event and if you can’t tell, it involves fishing. This fishing extravaganza has the chance to get you a Lost Jade Fishing Rod and tasks you with competing with others to land the biggest fish known to Sanctuary. You’ll have to head to the Shimmering Seas to take part – but once there, crack open your favorite drink, put a hat on, and get fishing.

The second part of the Cursed Solstice coming soon is Bout of Realms, the game’s first group PvP event. Parties of up to four players need to be formed before Monday, July 15 – after this point your teams will be set for the tournament itself. When the event kicks off you’ll compete in six bouts, earning points for wins with the top teams going through to the finals. Those in the top tier will net themselves some exclusive rewards, with the grand victors earning even more. Here are the dates for the Bout of Realms:

  • Wednesday July 10 − Monday July 15 – Registration
  • Monday July 15 − Monday July 22 – Preliminaries
  • Monday July 22 − Wednesday July 31 – Finals
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There’s also a few other bits and pieces hitting the game shortly, such as priority drops for 5-Star Legendary Gems in Elder Rifts, the ability to grab a Frostmourne Portal, and some returning events. You can get the full lowdown over on the official site.

The Cursed Solstice event will kick off for Diablo Immortal from 7pm PDT / 10pm EST for Oceania, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe servers on Tuesday July 9, and for Americas servers at 3am PDT / 6am EST on Wednesday July 10.

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