Diablo Immortal server transfers reportedly detailed by data miner

Diablo Immortal server transfers are reportedly detailed by a data miner who has dug into the specifics of the system planned for the Blizzard fantasy RPG game

Diablo Immortal server transfers - a character in blue and gold armour looks upwards at an orb floating before them

Diablo Immortal server transfers are one of the most commonly requested features for the Blizzard fantasy game, and one data miner claims to have obtained details of the upcoming functionality. With a heavy focus on group activities and the major Diablo Immortal 1.6 update placing an increased emphasis on Diablo Immortal warband activities, being on an active server seems to be an increasingly important part of the endgame for all players. This becomes even more true for those taking part in multiplayer activities such as Battlegrounds and the Diablo Immortal Shadow War.

Previously, Diablo Immortal community lead Adam ‘PezRadar’ Fletcher announced that the ability to server transfer would be ‘coming soon’ to the crossover PC and mobile game. This took place on August 28, but so far there has been no official comment since indicating when players can expect to have the option to switch between servers. However, YouTube account ‘Diablo Immortal Data Mining & Leaks’ has now announced that they have uncovered details about the server transfer feature, indicating exactly how it will work.

It’s important to note, of course, that even if this datamined leak is accurate, the feature is not live yet and so could likely see changes before it is rolled out to the player base – so don’t take anything listed as a set-in-stone guarantee. Most points seem fairly as expected from such a feature, but among the standouts are a level 30 requirement to transfer a character, a 30 day cooldown after transferring, and all items becoming bound to your character upon transfer (meaning that you can no longer trade them through the in-game market).

In addition, any name conflicts on the new server will result in a temporary name being applied with a free name change made available. Also of note is a line stating that “Server transfers are not available on certain servers due to restrictions.” This suggests that the feature may not be made available to all players, at least initially.

The full list of Diablo Immortal server transfer rules listed by the dataminer are as follows:

  • When a character is transferred to another server, the account that the character is on remains unchanged.
  • After a server transfer, all possessions will be retained on the character. However, any items that the character possesses that can be traded in the market will no longer be tradeable.
  • If the target server has a character with the same name of the character you wish to transfer, a random number will be appended to your name and a free name change will be provided.
  • Server transfers take several minutes to process. During the server transfer process, you will not be able to log in to your account until the server transfer has been completed.
  • After a server transfer, a character must wait thirty (30) days before it can transfer to another server.
  • The server that the character is being transferred to must have fewer than five characters on the character’s account.
  • Characters must be at least level 30 to qualify for a server transfer.
  • Level of the character to be transferred cannot be higher than the paragon server level of the target server.
  • Server transfers are not available on certain servers due to restrictions. Please check the server selector to verify which servers allow for a transfer.
  • Only a certain number of server transfers are available per day. If you encounter this restriction, please try again the next day.

In addition, the following character updates will be applied after a server transfer, according to the datamined leak:

  • Characters will be automatically disbanded from their current Warband.
  • Characters will be automatically disbanded from their current Clan.
  • Characters will be automatically set to an Adventurer.
  • All leaderboard rankings will be removed.
  • Any Challenge Rift ‘Server First’ records will not carry forward to the new server.
  • Character achievements and Battleground rating will be retained.
  • All friends in the friends list will be retained.

A quick look on the game’s subreddit will let you know what an oft-requested feature server transfers are, so it should come as little surprise that some players in the community are responding to this report as the “first good news in ages.” Others note that the paragon limit means players joining a newer server than their original would have to stop playing for a while until the server level ‘catches up.’ Some say they’re happy to no longer be stuck on a server with a majority population speaking a different language from them, while others say that they’re excited to hop to a server with lower gem prices, joking, “I’m ready to transfer to ‘play with friends.’”

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