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Diablo Immortal dungeon queues are frustrating its players

It might be a multiplayer game, but some players frustrated with Diablo Immortal dungeon queues and its party finder system are asking for an option to run solo

Diablo Immortal dungeon queues frustrate players: Leoric, the Skeleton King

Most of Diablo Immortal’s endgame activities are designed around playing the RPG game in multiplayer, but some fans sick of Diablo Immortal dungeon queues and its party system are asking for more ways to engage in activities solo. Previous games in the series have been viable to play alone, but players who prefer tackling the demonic hordes by themselves are finding themselves out of luck in Blizzard’s latest game.

Several posts on the Diablo Immortal subreddit, which is where Blizzard currently recommends that players offer feedback and suggestions, are asking the developer to make its game more solo player friendly. One post, from someone who describes themselves as a “lone wolf” type of player, says “Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy raids (Lassal and Vitaath runs) but that is about as far as my interest goes with grouping with other players.”

They say that they have enjoyed the game thus far, and were happy to engage with the Shadows faction system, but decided to stop playing once they realised that they would have to group for dungeons and lairs if they wanted to get their hands on set items. Other players in the comments echo the sentiments, with players on mobile emphasising that the need to wait to queue for a group to run dungeons feels antithetical to the game’s easy jump in, jump out play sessions.

Another upvoted post highlights a different issue, saying that they are unable to find players for dungeons. “Saturday evening and 0 players running dungeons on a supposedly active server… What’s the point of forcing me to party up if I can’t find players?” The commenter acknowledges that there have been several posts on the issue, but says they are frustrated about the problem. While some players report finding parties in just a few minutes, others say it routinely takes them 15-30 minutes even during peak hours.

One possible cause, says commenter podolot, is that the ‘find party’ option presented at a dungeon doesn’t tie into the game’s party finder, meaning that, “A bunch of people sit in completely different queues for the same dungeon.” They also offer the suggestion of a random dungeon queue which would allow players to fill in any open slots, or matchmake four players into a random dungeon if no others are available.

An alternative suggestion is for dungeons to be scaled like rifts, where players of different paragon level or at different hell difficulty tiers can play together but with gear drops for each player adjusted to their respective level. User steelcode notes that player segregation will only get worse as time goes on, because new players starting the game later on may find themselves perpetually behind in hell tiers compared to those who have had a head start.

The game’s warband system, the main way used for players to party up with one another, has faced criticism for how often it is required. One user notes that “I have to clean my warband out almost twice a week because of inactive players. Most want to do their own thing and I don’t blame them.”

Some players express concern that allowing more solo content will make things easier for bot accounts to farm endlessly, as no-one would be present to report them. Others hypothesise that the insistence on warbands is designed to encourage players and their friends to keep logging in together.

Whether you’re a solo player or prefer grouping up in Diablo Immortal, there’s one thing we can all agree on – it’d be nice to be able to pet the dog in Westmarch. Be sure to check out our coverage of the latest update for the action-RPG, with information on the third Helliquary boss and a way to craft eternal legendary crests without having to spend real money.