All Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations and how to find them

Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs provide the only opportunity to farm normal gems in the whole game, you've just got to find them first

Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs: Concept art of a Barbarian swinging his axe and a Wizard summoning a ball of purple energy as an enormous demon with wings and gothic armor bears down upon them.

Have the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations been eluding you? If you’ve been playing Blizzard’s mobile RPG game for any length of time, you’ve probably become very familiar with one particular notification: ‘A Hidden Lair has opened in this zone’. Their locations may not be immediately apparent, but don’t be tempted to ignore them. Regardless of what Diablo Immortal class you are, they are well worth investigating for the upgrades they can provide.

If you’ve been tripped up by Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs, much like a lot of new players to this free-to-play loot bonanza, this guide is what you need. There are 82 Hidden Lairs in total throughout the game, split across eight different zones. We’ve got the details on all the Hidden Lair locations below, followed by an explanation of what Hidden Lairs actually are, how they can disguise themselves in different zones, rewards for beating them, and general tips to get through them.

Here are the details on all of the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations:

  • Ashwold Cemetary has 18
  • Dark Wood has ten
  • Shassar Sea has nine
  • Library of Zoltun Kulle eight
  • Bilefen has ten
  • Mount Zavain has seven
  • Frozen Tundra has ten
  • Realm of Damnation has ten

A map of the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations in Ashwold Cemetery

Ashwold Cemetery

There are 18 Hidden Lairs within Ashwold Cemetery, the most of any individual zone. Most are in a big cluster, so it’s worth checking that section first.

A map of the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations in the Dark Wood

Dark Wood

The Dark Wood has ten Hidden Lairs in total, with most appearing in the top half of the zone.

A map of the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations in the Shassar Sea

Shassar Sea

There are nine Hidden Lairs in the Shassar Sea, spread all over the area.

A map of the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations in the Library of Zoltun Kulle

Library of Zoltun Kulle

The Library of Zoltun Kulle has eight Hidden Lairs, all fairly evenly spaced out.

A map of the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations in Bilefen


There are ten Hidden Lairs in Bilefen and you can find six of them near the upper boundary of the zone, with the other four all being in the lower portion.

A map of the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations in the Mount Zavain

Mount Zavain

There are seven Hidden Lairs in Mount Zavain, all located quite centrally.

A map of the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations in the Frozen Tundra

Frozen Tundra

The Frozen Tundra has ten Hidden Lairs, with a few clustered together inside the building.

A map of the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations in the Realm of Damnation

Realm of Damnation

Finally, the Realm of Damnation has another ten Hidden Lairs, with two separated from the rest in the bottom portion of the zone.

What are Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs are mini-dungeons that can be completed quickly, easily, and solo if you prefer. Not only are they a decent source of XP and legendary items for leveling up, they’re also a fantastic way to acquire normal Diablo Immortal gems without opening your wallet. The only trouble is that Hidden Lairs are, well, hidden. Don’t expect a map marker or signposting of any kind; the only way to find them is to hunt them down yourself.

If this wasn’t elusive enough, there are a few additional caveats to how Hidden Lairs work. Once one has opened, you’ve only got 10 minutes to find the Hidden Lair before it moves to another location. They operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis – if someone else enters a Hidden Lair then it will no longer be accessible to you. You can work this in your favour by keeping an eye on Diablo Immortal’s party finder when one opens. If someone in your group enters the lair, you’ll all receive a prompt to battle through it together. There’s strength in numbers when it comes to both finding and fighting through a Hidden Lair, so cut down on the competition by grouping up.

What do Hidden Lairs look like?

We know now that Hidden Lair locations aren’t entirely random and each zone can have a vastly different number of them, but what do they actually look like? This changes depending on the area it’s in, but will always look the same in each zone. This means that once you know what to look for, you can pick them out of the environment with ease.

Here are what Hidden Lairs look like when you’re in each area:

  • Ashwold Cemetery: Mausoleum
  • Dark Wood: Tunnel
  • Shassar Sea: Well
  • Library of Zoltun Kulle: Well
  • Bilefen: Cave
  • Mount Zavain: Cave
  • Frozen Tundra: Altar
  • Realm of Damnation: Altar

The entrance will glow blue or yellow once you’re in the vicinity, and a marker will be added to your minimap. We’ve compiled all the Hidden Lair locations, explained what they look like in every zone, and marked them on every map, so you can be sure to know where to look once the notification pops up.

Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair rewards

Regardless of how many floors a Hidden Lair has, it’ll conclude in a fight against a Diablo Immortal Lair Guardian. This miniboss is an Elite Monster that will drop a Rank 1 normal gem of any random colour. Check out our guide to the best Diablo Immortal builds, or seek out our individual setups for your Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer or Wizard to discover the best gems, loot, and skills for your class.

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Once the Lair Guardian is slain, there’s a chance a portal will spawn, granting you access to an additional floor complete with its own Lair Guardian. It also comes equipped with a Blacksmith, so you can salvage items and free up any additional inventory space required before continuing onwards. Once you’ve cleared everything, interact with the portal that will spawn nearby to exit the Hidden Lair.

General tips for clearing Hidden Lairs

Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs can provide you with ample rewards once you clear them, but there’s a couple of things you can be doing to make the most of your time fighting through them

  • Don’t neglect the bonus XP received from Massacre Kills. Hidden Lairs are typically one continuous narrow corridor, so work this to your advantage by pulling a large group of enemies at once and killing them simultaneously to net that bonus.
  • While we would recommend prioritising Hidden Lairs when they become available, there is a limit to the amount of gems you can receive from them per day. The hidden cap appears to max out at around two or three Hidden Lairs per day, so once you start seeing a decline in the rewards you receive it’s wise to abandon pursuit of them until tomorrow.
  • There’s no set time limit when you’re in a Hidden Lair, so take care to complete all the secondary objectives within the lair before engaging the Lair Guardian. These objectives generally involve interacting with objects or defeating a specific group of enemies, so you don’t have to go too far out of your way to complete them.

Once you have all the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations memorised, tracking them down and clearing them of loot will become second nature – and the gems you’ll acquire will allow you to fight through them faster than ever. If you’re yet to jump into the latest instalment in this long-running franchise, take a look at our Diablo Immortal tier list if you want to tear through Hidden Lairs with the best class in the game.