Diablo Immortal Horadrim Vessels location guide

Finding the Diablo Immortal Horadrim Vessels is no mean feat, but the reward that you get for completing the Legacy of the Horadrim quest is worth it

Fighting one of the bosses in the Diablo Immortal Horadrim quest line

Looking to collect the Diablo Immortal Horadrim Vessels? There’s an optional system in Blizzard’s loot-obsessed ARPG that lies under the quest, Legacy of the Horadrim. This path, if you choose to take it, boasts rewards that permanently buff your character in nine different ways – one for each Horadrim vessel you find. Not only that, but you can utilise all nine at the same time, if you put in the graft to find them all, that is. These buffs include boosting stats in damage, armour, life, and potency to name but a few.

While the majority of Diablo Immortal Horadrim Vessels are obtained by defeating world bosses such as Blood Rose and Hydra on Hell I difficulty, there are a few other locations you’ll need to visit and quests you’ll need to complete in order to gather them all. Whether you’re looking to collect them all or maybe you’re just looking to focus on a few, we’ve outlined their location below, how to retrieve them, and what these powerful artefacts have to offer your character should you choose to hunt them down.

Here are all of the Diablo Immortal Horadrim Vessels and where to find them:

  • Caldensann’s Compassion
  • Iben Fahd’s Tenacity
  • Jered Cain’s Vision
  • Tal Rasha’s Authority
  • Niflur’s Precision
  • Cathan’s Piety
  • Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity
  • Guilt of the Nameless
  • Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge

Caldensann’s Compassion

Stat buff: +9 armor +9 armor penetration

Grants permanent buffs to armor and armor penetration once returned to Iben Fahd’s Sanctum.

Iben Fahd’s Tenacity

Stat buff: +2 damage +20 life

To retrieve this vessel, you must complete a daily run of Iben Fahd’s Sanctum, which is located through the back door of the Legacy of Horadrim room. At the end of the dungeon run you’ll reach a room with treasure chests that can be unlocked using Sanctum keys. There’s a one in 100 chance that you’ll retrieve the Iben Fahd’s Tenacity gem.

Jered Cain’s Vision

Stat buff: +18 armour

By completing the main story quest and defeating Skarn you will automatically unlock Jered Cain’s Vision. This is usually achieved at around level 60.

Tal Rasha’s Authority

Stat buff: +4 damage

Located in the Helliquary is the Lassal Raid. This raid dungeon pits you against Lassal the Flame-Spun and can be attempted at Combat Rating 420 with a large raid team. Joining a raid team can be done using the Helliquary Raid tab. Defeating Lassal will earn you this vessel.

Niflur’s Precision

Stat buff: +18 armour penetration

In Mount Zivain you’ll encounter the Ancient Nightmare boss. After completing the main story quest and reaching level 60, you can adjust your difficulty rating to Hell I and this is when you will see Ancient Nightmare spawn in this location. It will appear every two hours between 8am and 12am. To complete the event, you will first need to defeat Lord Martanos in the Zakarum Graveyard – more on that below.

Cathan’s Piety

Stat buff: +9 potency +9 resistance

Located on Mount Zivain in the northwest, Lord Martanos resides in the Zakarum Graveyard, spawning on the cemetery altar area. Defeating Lord Martanos will award you this vessel.

Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity

Stat buff: +18 potency

Defeating Fleshcraft Hydra at Hell I difficulty will earn you this vessel. Check out our guide to locating and defeating the Diablo Immortal Hydra for more tips.

Guilt of the Nameless

Stat buff: +18 resistance

If you’ve read our guide to defeating the Hydra, you will have found out that you can also randomly spawn the Sandstone Golem instead of the Hydra in the Library of Zoltan Kulle. If you manage to spawn the Sandstone Golem then defeating it will earn you this vessel. It is located in the large chamber at the top of the Hidden Alcove and is spawned in the same way as the Hydra.

Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge

Stat buff: +40 life

Defeating Blood Rose at Hell I difficulty in the Dark Forest will earn you this vessel. Check out our guide to locating and defeating the Diablo Immortal Blood Rose boss for more help.

How to get Horadrim Vessels

First things first, you need to complete challenge rift level 10 or higher in order to unlock the Legacy of the Horadrim. The challenge rift is located in Westmarch, right next to the Elder Rift portal – we’ve marked it on the map for you. You’ll have to complete nine other challenge rift levels to access this, but it’s not too much of a grind as each level will also give you rewards.

When you’ve finally completed level 10, you will earn the first Horadrim Vessel, Caldensann’s Compassion, which will unlock the Legacy of the Horadrim quest. You’ll also need to get your character to level 49 to continue on this quest.

Next, interact with a statue north of the challenge rift entrance, which will help you find the way into Iben Fahd’s Sanctum. This location is the home to the second vessel, which we will look into below, but the Sanctum is also important because it’s where you can slot your vessels to receive permanent bonuses.

How to use Horadrim Vessels

As mentioned earlier, Iben Fahd’s Sanctum is also where you can place and upgrade your vessels, specifically at the shrine found within. Doing daily runs of the sanctum can earn you resources such as Culling Stones, which can be used to upgrade the various vessels you have.

Each Culling Stone relates to different vessels. Beryl for Guilt of the Nameless, Jered Cain’s Vision, and Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge. Garnet for Nilfur’s Precision, Tai Rasha’s Authority, and Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity. Sapphire for Caldensann’s Compassion and Iben Fahd’s Tenacity.

Every day there is also a free Sanctum reward chest which can be opened. If you’re looking to open any more, you’ll need an Aspirant’s Key. This can be acquired from quests such as leveling up your battle pass to certain ranks, completing the first kill of the day challenge when the item is one of the rewards, or buying them from supplies and Trove bundles in the in-game shop.

That’s everything you need to know about acquiring and utilising the Horadrim Vessels. If you want to ensure you’re playing with the best character then check out our Diablo Immortal tier list to find the class that’s right for you, then dive into our roundup of the best Diablo Immortal builds page for a powerful setup.