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Diablo Immortal fans slam underwhelming Hungering Moon event

The new Diablo Immortal Hungering Moon event is here, and fans are feeling resolutely underwhelmed by the rewards on offer for Blizzard’s RPG game

Diablo Immortal Hungering Moon event leaves fans underwhelmed - the Demon Hunter smirks at camera

Diablo Immortal fans are expressing continued disappointment in the live support for the RPG game in response to the Diablo Immortal Hungering Moon event. The event, which runs July 15-17, tasks players with completing seven tasks to earn ‘moon blessings’ – with a special reward promised to players of the fantasy game who complete all seven.

However, the reward in question is already leaving fans feeling very underwhelmed. “The Moon’s Favour,” as it turns out, translates into one of the game’s legendary crests used to earn gems in its elder rifts, three rare crests, and 25 Aspirant’s keys. The one lonely legendary crest on offer is of the normal variety, too, rather than the premium eternal legendary crest type.

Fans on the game’s subreddit are expressing disbelief at “how extremely few legendary crests they are willing to give out.” One fan even references the Diablo Immortal season two battle pass, which was also hailed as disappointing, saying that “they had to take one [legendary crest] out of the battle pass in order to give us one in the event.”

Some comments query why Blizzard seems to value legendary crests so highly that they are reluctant to hand them out – with many responses simply believing that it’s their monetary value as a store item that is responsible. Others say that they care less about specifically earning legendary gems or gem power, but rather “reducing the power gap” between high-spenders and free-to-play players.

This is the latest in a string of discontented murmurs from Diablo Immortal’s more vocal community members – recent compensation for a Shadow War bug has affected players feeling left out in the cold. Community site Maxroll also recently shuttered its Diablo Immortal branch, citing the game’s microtransaction-focused economy.

It remains to be seen if a promised “major content update” later in July will bring fans of the action-RPG what they’re looking for, or if this trend of disappointment will continue.