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Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos location and boss fight

The Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos fight is a little more straightforward than other world bosses, and defeating him holds the key to slaying an even greater foe

Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos spawn location and boss fight: A skeleton in golden armor and wearing a crown stands with his melee weapon resting on his shoulder

Curious about the Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos spawn location? The Zakarum paladin is buried in his tomb, but his afterlife is proving far from peaceful. If his reanimated skeleton wasn’t bad enough, he also shares Mount Zavain with another world boss that’s far deadlier than him. The Ancient Nightmare is a powerful demonic entity that rampages through the zone on a regular basis, and unsuspecting players who stumble upon it will be in for a quick death. Thankfully, vanquishing Lord Martanos provides you with the item you need to put the Ancient Nightmare to sleep.

While the Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos fight isn’t as complex an encounter as some of the other world bosses roaming around Sanctuary, he can still pack quite a punch. Take the time to snap up all the best Diablo Immortal set items, charms and legendary gems for your character to ensure a clear victory against this once-fallen foe.

Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos spawn location and boss fight: A map of the Mount Zavain zone in Diablo Immortal with a pin placed in the crypt in the north-west side of the map where Lord Martanos lies in wait

Lord Martanos Spawn location

The Lord Martanos spawn location is tucked away in the north-western corner of the map within an area helpfully known as Martanos’s Tomb. It’s not too far from the Zakarum Cemetery waypoint; simply head west through the tunnel to reach the steps to his sanctum. Once you’ve reached Martanos’s Tomb, interact with the grave altar to summon him.

How to summon Lord Martanos

In order to encounter Lord Martanos at all, you must be playing on Hell I difficulty and above. You can only do that once you’ve reached level 60 and polished off the main campaign. It’s a prerequisite for every world boss in the game, so if you need a helping hand across the finish line we recommend checking out our Diablo Immortal leveling guide.

Unfortunately, you aren’t guaranteed to summon Lord Martanos every time you interact with his altar. A 30-minute cooldown timer triggers every time he’s summoned, which unfortunately means there’s no set scheduled time to return to Mount Zavain and challenge him. Thankfully, if you interact with his grave altar during his cooldown, it shows how much time is remaining until he can be summoned again.

How to defeat Lord Martanos

Like the Diablo Immortal Blood Rose, Lord Martanos has an exceedingly large health pool that’s going to take a while to whittle down. While it’s technically possible to solo him, draining him of his 11.38 million health on your own would be a long and arduous process, so we recommend engaging him as part of a group. Remember, if you die while fighting him, you have to wait half an hour for a chance at tackling him again.

Lord Martanos’ moveset primarily consists of standard melee attacks, making him a bit more straightforward than many of the other world bosses in Blizzard’s mobile RPG game. Consequently, if you’re a ranged Diablo Immortal class you’ll have a much easier time managing this fight than your melee counterparts. In fact, his only ranged attack is a shield throw that deals damage to all who stand in its path. Be aware that the shield travels in a straight line, and continues to deal damage when it returns back to him, so don’t be too hasty in positioning yourself directly in front of him during this attack.

If you are a melee class, such as a Barbarian or Crusader, take care to position yourself with enough distance between you and other players so that if Lord Martanos starts swinging in one direction, you won’t all receive the damage he’s dealing out. If you do find yourself caught up in his path, don’t be afraid to retreat to a safe distance and rely on your teammates to draw his aggro you while you patch yourself up.

Be wary of the Zakarum Oathbreakers and Skeletal Paladins that occasionally spawn to aid Lord Martanos during the fight. While their strength pales in comparison to Lord Martanos, the support damage they dish out can quickly coalesce if left unchecked. Thankfully, they’re easily dispatched.

Lord Martanos rewards

As is the case with Diablo Immortal world bosses, vanquishing Lord Martanos promises a variety of rewards, including legendary items and enchanted dust. Defeating him for the very first time also bestows Cathan’s Piety, one of the many Diablo Immortal Horadrim Vessels scattered throughout Sanctuary. To receive a permanent bonus to your Armor, return to Westmarch and place Cathan’s Piety into the Legacy Shrine in Iben Fahd’s Sanctum.

While these rewards are undeniably useful for crafting the best Diablo Immortal builds, arguably the most important thing you receive from defeating Lord Martanos is a Zakarum Sigil.

Zakarum Sigils are indispensable against the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare that haunts the Misty Valley of Mount Zavain. Thankfully, they are a guaranteed drop, meaning that farming Lord Martanos for his sigils is a viable option. We would recommend taking at least two or three Zakarum Sigils into the Ancient Nightmare fight, so take note of when you summon Lord Martanos so you can be sure to return and collect more Zakarum Sigils once his cooldown has reset.

That concludes our guide on the Lord Martanos spawn location and boss fight in Diablo Immortal. We expect your next priority is to slay the Ancient Nightmare, but if you’d like to take a break from PvE and test your mettle against fellow players, why not find out how to join the Diablo Immortal Shadows and Immortals and get stuck in? The Cycle of Strife is an asymmetric PvP system, so check out our primer to the Diablo Immortal Shadow War if you’re still wrapping your head around it.