The new Diablo Immortal class may be a classic enemy

A new datamine hints that the next Diablo Immortal class may be the Blood Knight, a warrior character that fits perfectly with Blizzard's Diablo 4 crossover.

The new Diablo Immortal class may be a classic enemy: A dark character with white hair and glowing red eyes shrouded in shadows

While the Diablo 4 release date lurks on the horizon, Blizzard has announced that sister title Diablo Immortal will be getting a Diablo 4-themed crossover, connecting the two action RPG games ahead of launch. As part of that, a new Diablo Immortal class will join the fray in July, and dataminers have discovered what it might look like.

Described by Blizzard as a “monstrous new class” that “bleeds new blood into the Diablo universe,” this new character may not be a class we’ve seen before, but instead is an old nemesis.

While this Witch Doctor main is gutted that the creepy summoner class has been missed out of the Immortal line-up yet again, Sanctuary’s new saviour “favors a mid-range playstyle using a classic weapon type,” which is perfect for channelling my inner bruiser.

But just who are they, you may be asking. Well, following the blog speculation has pointed towards the Blood Knight, a character that harkens back to the good ol’ days of Diablo 1. Blood Knights were the final knight class enemies in the first game, and boy, did they hit hard. Much like other knights they operate with a sword and shield, but they’re immune to practically everything magical – trust me when I say my Sorcerer wasn’t best pleased.

A new datamine by DataMineARPG appears to confirm that the new class will be a Blood Knight, showing off some upcoming artwork from the game. As demons hurtle up the stairs of a bloodstained, red-bathed chapel, our heroine stands at the top of the altar, plunging what looks like a polearm into a very dead Fallen. While this strays from the sword and shield fantasy, I personally am very on board with the idea of bringing back an Amazon-style spear or polearm user – plus, we have the Crusader for all things knighty.

An armored woman with white hair stands in a red lit chapel stabbing a demon with a polearm on a plinth as others rush towards her

I’d love to see this new class channel more of the Diablo 2 Amazon, given they (alongside my beloved Witch Doctor) have been banished to the annals of Diablo history in recent years. I’m crossing my fingers we see the jungle warrior make a return as the list of Diablo 4 classes continues to expand, but until then you can find me playing Plagazon in Diablo 2 Resurrected and reminiscing over the good ol’ days.

If, however, Diablo Immortal feels like the perfect precursor to Diablo 4, we have a Diablo Immortal tier list to help you pick your character if you’re a little rusty, as well as a rundown of all the best Diablo Immortal builds to help you slay in style.