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Diablo Immortal is the “perfect game for casuals”, say some fans

Diablo Immortal has pleased at least some fans, who – despite issues with events and microtransactions – say it’s a “perfect game” for casual players

Giant demon from Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has generated more than its share of division and controversy, beginning not long after its June 2 launch with questions about its monetisation, and continuing with fan exodus, bugs, and then the compensation offered by Blizzard in response to those bugs. But some fans see the RPG more favourably – despite the issues so far, they describe Diablo Immortal as the “perfect game” for casual players.

In a thread on Reddit, fans discuss how Diablo Immortal works best if you ignore some of its deeper, monetised mechanics, and enjoy it as a simple, daily distraction.

“I think Blizzard made the perfect game for casuals without even realising it,” writes one player, DreadBladee. “When it comes to monetisation, it is obviously a hot mess, to put it mildly, but it actually saves me money. Knowing that being a dolphin is basically worthless and that I will never giga-whale the game, I just drop a few bucks on the Battle Pass and be happy [sic] with the huge pile of small rewards and cosmetics.

“I used to have a lot of hate for Immortal when it came out,” they continue, “but now I really only hate the monetisation, which doesn’t concern me anyway, so now I have it as a perfect game for my casual soul.”

Other players respond, describing how, for them, Diablo Immortal works best as a single-player, casual experience, without engaging with its weightier, MMORPG-style systems.

“During the week you can play as little as 30 minutes and still feel like it was worthwhile,” writes stdTrancr. “Other MMORPGs require a minimum two hours to make any progress.”

There are also fans who say that Immortal is the ideal game for players who remember and were raised on the classics, like Diablo 2.

“For people that grew up on D2 and now are smack in the middle of careers and raising kids, this game hits the perfect spot,” writes Reddit user feldor. “Even the gatekeeping behind time and paywalls is great in my mind. If missing a couple of days because of work and family set me back in an impossible way, then I wouldn’t play at all. If I have a rough day, I can get the bare minimum done and stay moving ahead.”

So, perhaps Diablo Immortal has been good all along – we’ve just been missing the point. Either way, a lot of players still aren’t happy, especially with the game’s events schedule.