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Major Diablo Immortal update adds clan wars, cursed items, and more

The third major Diablo Immortal update, Age of Falling Towers, adds a clan-based mode and new legendary gems, set items, and dungeons to Blizzard’s fantasy RPG.

Diablo Immortal update three patch notes - a figure with close-shaved hair gives a smirk as they hold a burning sword aloft

The third major Diablo Immortal update is upon us. Blizzard’s crossover RPG game has been hugely successful since its launch in 2022, but as we creep towards the one-year anniversary it’s understandably somewhat in the shadow of the Diablo 4 release date. If, however, you’re looking for something to do now that the open beta is over, there’s a ton in this new Diablo Immortal patch to keep you busy.

Diablo Immortal update three is called Age of Falling Towers, and it arrives following server maintenance on March 29-30 (full details listed below). Its central focus is a new clan-based game mode incorporating both PvE and PvP elements, but it also packs in plenty more including a new dungeon, elite quest, three legendary gems, new set items, and several limited-time events.

In addition to this, ‘Cursed Items’ have now arrived in Sanctuary. These particularly potent pieces of gear come with specific positives and negatives, and you’re encouraged to stack up multiples of the same effect to amplify their bonuses and breathe some vibrant new life into your best Diablo Immortal builds.

Diablo Immortal Accursed Towers mode

The Diablo Immortal Accursed Towers game mode is the centrepiece of the Age of Falling Towers update, and it’s very much focused on clan play – in fact, you’ll need to be in a clan to participate in the Accursed Towers mode at all. Each season, clans on a server will attempt to claim an initial tower from those scattered across the map by fighting enemy hordes in PvE matches.

In order to bring down the enemies, you’ll need to activate Curse Sources to make them vulnerable to your attacks, and then collect the Cursed Shards that drop as you dispatch them. Once the match ends, the ten clan members with the highest Cursed Shard count will have them added to the team’s total – although only your highest count will be retained. Once the first week ends, the clan with the highest count claims that specific tower.

You’ll then have to defend your tower regularly from demonic attacks. There’s an option to power up the tower to prevent this, while also increasing the bonuses it provides to your clan, but this will open up the tower to PvP showdowns against other clans, who can challenge you for control of your tower. You’ll also have an increased chance to earn Cursed Items from these PvP matches.

Diablo Immortal update three - the menu screen for clans to choose which accursed tower they want to challenge for

Diablo Immortal Cursed Items

Cursed Items are a new type of Diablo Immortal legendary item that come with both a positive and negative property. However, neither of these will activate until you equip at least two Cursed Items that share the same positive property, which will then further increase in power if you equip four or six items that all share the same positive effect.

You will, however, get all of their negative properties – even if they differ from one another. While this can be a double-edged sword, finding a bonus that complements your build could be very potent.

New Diablo Immortal quests and dungeons

The Dread Reaver dungeon is a Hell 5 dungeon and the next step in the game’s main quest, and will see you tracking down the eponymous Dread Reaver, “a legendary vessel that devours anything in its wake.” You’ll have to fight across the ship as you attempt to reclaim a stolen Worldstone shard before it can be delivered to the terrifyingly named Bride of Hell.

Diablo Immortal update - the Dread Reaver, a giant ship with glowing red lights coming from its cabins, thrashes over roiling ocean waves

The Astral Bloom is a new elite quest from Taite the adventure seeker in Westmarch. It digs into a mystical observatory owned by one of the leading mage clans. You’ll need to have finished the main quest of Stormpoint and have an Adventure Journal in your possession to begin this new elite quest.

The Ashes of Antiquity limited-time event takes place from March 30 – April 20 at 3am server times, and offers rewards for completing weekly tasks, with a bonus legendary item for completing three, a Telluric Pearl for finishing six, and a Legendary Crest for turning in eleven. Players level 30 or higher can also earn rewards by encouraging their friends to return to Diablo Immortal through the returning Recall a Friend feature.

New Diablo Immortal items and legendary gems

The Age of Falling Towers update also introduces three new Diablo Immortal legendary gems to the fray. Lo’s Focused Gaze boost your charge skills, Pain Clasp boosts damage dealt to enemies by your continuous damage-over-time effects, and the five-star Gloom Cask causes your primary attack to fire out ‘gloom blades’ that deal damage and cause enemies to take increased damage from your primary attacks.

The new Diablo Immortal set is Banquet of Eyes, a series of items that are designed to benefit those who like to use damage-over-time effects. With two pieces, you’ll get a small bonus to the damage dealt. Reaching four pieces will increase your crit chance for every enemy inflicted with a damage-over-time effect. Landing the full six-piece bonus will put you into a ‘poison rage’ state that causes additional damage. You’ll need to be in Hell 5 difficulty or above to get your hands on these, however.

Diablo Immortal Gloom Cask legendary gem - "Your primary attack unleashes an aspect of gloom for six seconds"

Diablo Immortal Age of Falling Towers patch notes, release time, and maintenance

Diablo Immortal update three, titled Age of Falling Towers, releases on March 30. The update will go live following two hours of server maintenance, which will take place on March 29-30 depending upon your time zone. Here are the maintenance times for your region:

Region Maintenance (Americas) Maintenance (other servers)
US West (PDT) March 30, 1-3am March 29, 5-7pm
US East (EDT) March 30, 4-6am March 29, 8-10pm
UK (BST) March 30, 9-11am March 30, 1-3am
Europe (CEST) March 30, 10am – 12pm March 30, 2-4am
Australia (AET) March 30, 7-9pm March 30, 11am – 1pm

Accursed Towers clan-based game mode

  • Accursed Towers is a new game mode that features both PvE and PvP gameplay. Players must be in a clan to participate in Accursed Towers.
  • During the first week of a season from Monday 3am – Saturday 7pm server time, your clan’s leader can select a tower and attempt to claim it for your clan.
  • From Saturday 9pm – Sunday 12am server time, clans will be able to challenge for tower ownership from another clan through a PvP match.
  • Because the first season of Accursed Towers begins mid-week, you will instead have until March 31 at 3am to choose a tower, and until April 1 at 7pm to compete for that tower.

Cursed Items

  • Cursed Items are a new type of Legendary Item that have a Cursed Property. They are obtainable from completing PvP matches and can also be dropped by enemies while collecting Cursed Shards from a PvE match. All Legendary Items that drop anywhere in Sanctuary will also have a chance of being a Cursed Item.
  • Cursed Items come with both a Positive and Negative Property attached to them. Neither Property will activate unless you have at least one other Cursed Item equipped that shares the same Positive Property.
  • If you have two or more equipped Cursed Items, you will receive both the Positive and Negative Property effects from both. Positive Properties will grow in power as you equip multiple Cursed Items with the same Positive Property, with increases occurring at four and six items.

Activities and Events

  • Dread Reaver dungeon is unlocked after reaching Hell 5 difficulty and completing the quest Trail of Terror.
  • Elite quest The Astral Bloom is unlocked after completing the main quest of Stormpoint. Players must have an Adventure Journal in their possession to begin the quest from Taite in Westmarch.
  • Ashes of Antiquity runs March 30 – April 20 at 3am server time. Players level 30 and above can earn rewards for completing weekly tasks.
  • Recall a Friend begins March 30 at 3am. Players level 30 or higher can recall players who have not played in at least 14 days who are level 20 or higher. You will have 24 hours to input your friend’s code. The event ends on April 27 at 3am, but returning players will have until May 25 to reach level 40 for additional rewards.

Diablo Immortal update patch notes - players fighting in an Accursed Tower PvP match

New Legendary Gems

  • Lo’s Focused Gaze (one-star): Increases damage done by your Charge skills by 20%. Charging speed is increased by 32%.
  • Pain Clasp (two-star): Increases damage dealt by 24% to enemies suffering from a continuous damage effect. When an enemy suffering from continuous damage is within 10 yards, your Movement Speed is increased by 6%.
  • Gloom Cask (five-star): Your Primary Attack unleashes an Aspect of Gloom for 6 seconds, during which time your Primary Attack will trigger gloom blades that deal 68% base damage + 275. Enemies hit by the gloom blades take 24% increased damage from your Primary Attacks for 3 seconds. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds.

Banquet of Eyes set items

  • Banquet of Eyes (2-piece bonus): Damage dealt to enemies suffering from your damage over time effects increased by 15%.
  • Banquet of Eyes (4-piece bonus): Your Critical Hit Chance is increased by 2.5%, up to 25%, for every damage over time effect you inflict upon nearby enemies.
  • Banquet of Eyes (6-piece bonus): When you apply a damage over time effect to an enemy, you enter Poison Rage for 12 seconds during which your damage will corrode enemies, dealing damage over 3 seconds. Cannot enter Poison Rage more often than once every 40 seconds.

Banquet of Eyes set items will only drop from the following dungeons on Hell Difficulty V and above. Additionally, the drop rate for set items across all dungeons on Hell Difficulty V and above has been increased.

  • Bilious Bandlet (Ring): Dread Reaver
  • Cavern’s Regard (Belt): Forgotten Tower
  • Hex Walkers (Feet): Mad King’s Breach
  • Seeping Bandlet (Ring): Dread Reaver
  • Spurned Charity (Amulet): Kikuras Rapids
  • Teargrip (Hands): Tomb of Fahir

Diablo Immortal update patch notes - menu showing the option to hide your character's helmet from the cosmetics screen

Feature updates

  • Many activities in Diablo Immortal will now provide additional rewards or experience.
  • The Defense win condition of killing Attackers in both Battleground and Rite of Exile has increased from 55 to 65 kills.
  • Shadow War will now begin at 7:30 p.m. server time on Thursdays for the Preliminary Round and 7:30 p.m. server time on Saturdays for the Final and Third Place Playoff Rounds. The countdown to the Shadow War’s beginning will start at 7:10 p.m. server time to give players enough time to gather and organize for their fight.
  • Up to 10 Rare Crests may be used with each Elder Rift run.
  • Chapter 5 and 6 of Hero’s Journey have unlocked! To continue walking the path to glory in Chapter 5, you must have completed chapters 1-4.
  • The Hilts Vendor has just increased their inventory! The following two transactions may be performed up to 15 times a week each: trading 100 Hilts for 50 Scrap Materials, trading 75 Hilts for 5 Enchanted Dust.
  • We are introducing some quality-of-life improvements that will make using the Activities Calendar and Scheduler more convenient. The tap area in the Warbands and Clan menus has been increased. Activities that occur “today” or “tomorrow” will state that instead of the numerical date.
  • A new Clan tab has been added to the Navigation menu. Both the new Accursed Tower game mode and Clan-related features that were previously found located in the Faction tab can be found in the new Clan tab.
  • The Quest tab will be removed from the Navigation menu. Quests can still be accessed via the Quest Tracker.
  • We’re adding 20 new Horadric Bestiary entries to catalogue enemies fought in Stormpoint and new Helliquary bosses. They’re available wherever you slaughter monsters! After a player collects 10 Bestiary entries, they’ll receive a Rare Crest. Players will also receive a Legendary Crest after collecting 50 and 100 Bestiary Entries.
  • When players search for available clans to join, they will be sorted from highest to lowest on the list according to their current number of online players.
  • Players without a clan will receive more guidance on joining a clan and more easily see suggestions for clans containing a high number of active players.
  • Players currently in a clan can now apply to a new clan without leaving their current clan. If accepted to the new clan, they will automatically leave the old one and join the new one.
  • Clan leaders will now have a member recruitment interface available under the clan tab, making it easier for them to find both players without a clan and in clans with low membership.
  • Dark clan leaders can now directly invite adventurers to join them. If an adventurer accepts, they will automatically become a shadow.
  • You can now hide your character’s helmet for select Cosmetic Sets. To hide your character’s helmet for eligible Cosmetic Sets, navigate to the Cosmetics menu and click the Hide Helmet button on the bottom left corner of the Cosmetic preview screen.

For any additional bug fixes, you can check the Blizzard website.

If you’re jumping back in for the update, check out our Diablo Immortal tier list as well as our guide to how Diablo Immortal gems work to get yourself back up to speed. If you’re looking for more things to keep you busy until Diablo 4 arrives, we’ve picked out the best games like Diablo on PC that you can play, which includes a number of great free PC games that are well worth your time.