Diablo Immortal update that helps casual players is coming soon

A future Diablo Immortal update will help players who have fallen behind level characters faster, in turn bringing them up to speed in Blizzard's action RPG

Diablo Immortal update that helps casual players is coming soon: A bearded man with tanned skin crouching and holds a staff in his hand with the orb in his hand glowing on a wasteland background

A future Diablo Immortal update will be catered towards helping players who have fallen behind their guildmates make up the levels in the action RPG game, throwing those of us who can’t spend entire days in Sanctuary a lifeline.

I am, indeed, one of those players who sadly can’t always set aside the time to complete my dailies and weeklies (sometimes I touch grass, madness, I know).

For those who work long hours, have family commitments, or simply don’t want to spent every waking hour grinding out legendries, the current Diablo Immortal levelling system has them lagging behind, unable to find dungeon parties or allies of a low enough level.

In response to this, Blizzard has revealed that a slew of updates to the game’s levelling system will be coming in future patches, which it hopes will help those who feel like they’ve been forgotten emerge from the shadows to slay Skarn’s minions.

“We are working on additional changes that will be added to Diablo Immortal in the coming months—these changes will make catching up to the rest of your server easier,” Blizzard states in a November 30 Q&A. “This includes increasing the experience boost if you’re significantly behind Server Paragon Level and exploring ways for players who are behind to raise their Combat Rating by increasing the rate at which they receive Legendary and Set items.

“In Immortal’s current form, there’s a situation where a player can catch up in experience, but their Combat Rating is still too low to participate in various activities. Another way we are improving player experience is through server merges. We have released two waves of server merges and will continue to monitor server populations and player behaviour to scope out additional server merges.”

If the mention of more server merges sends a shiver down your spine, that’s understandable. In the wake of recent amalgamations some players lost hard-earned PvP badges, while others had their clans torn apart as Blizzard scattered them across different servers. While merging servers does mean there will be a higher chance that you can partner up with lower-level dungeon crawlers, whether or not this fix will be a blessing or a curse remains to be seen.

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