Diablo Immortal update: Halloween events, new currency, solo dungeons

Full patch notes for the October 11 Diablo Immortal update adding Halloween skins, limited-time events, a new Telluric Pearls resource, and more solo dungeons

Diablo Immortal update - a sorceress looks down at a glowing purple orb, her right hand outstreched towards it as energy sears off from the edges

Blizzard has released patch notes for its October 11 Diablo Immortal update, which is full of Halloween events and skins for the RPG game. It also brings a new resource for crafting Diablo Immortal legendary gems, and enables players to take on the game’s Hell dungeons solo for the first time, in response to fan requests to remove the requirement for groups and Diablo Immortal warbands.

Coming as part of the latest update are a couple of spooky limited-time events to celebrate the Halloween season. The first is a Hallow’s Wake event, which awards a series of cosmetic rewards including a Strawman Sack Mask, a Ghosted emote, and a Hallowed Choker portrait frame. The second is Infernal Knowledge, which offers milestone rewards in return for completing daily tasks.

Two new cosmetic sets are on offer in the Diablo Immortal in-game shop through the month of October, the Hallowed Dead armour and the Waltz Macabre set. Each can be bought for 1,000 Diablo Immortal Eternal Orbs. In addition, Blizzard is offering players the chance to earn themselves some bonus goodies including legendary crests through its new ‘recruit a friend’ program. The previously discussed Diablo Immortal legendary crest redesign is now also in place, making it easier to distinguish between the various types used in the game’s Elder Rifts.

There’s a new resource in town, too – Telluric Pearls are the latest currency added to Diablo Immortal, and can be used to craft five-star legendary gems. Blizzard says this new resource can be earned through limited-time events, traded for with Hilts, or purchased with real money as part of specific bundles through the in-game shop. Players on the game’s subreddit, however, are concerned that a seemingly one-per-week purchase limit from the Hilts trader could make getting Telluric Pearls for free a very lengthy endeavour.

It’s not all bad news, though – the Diablo Reddit community seems to be largely happy with this latest update. In part this is thanks to the ability for free accounts to craft five-star gems, but they also note that the dungeons in Hell difficulties no longer require a party to play. One thread remarks, “I never expected the devs to back down on their solo dungeon stance but here we are! Thank you for listening to the players on this one.” They also highlight small quality of life changes to both the Diablo Immortal Shadow War and vault queues as positive tweaks.

Diablo Immortal update patch notes - new Halloween 'Waltz Macabre' cosmetic set: three figures clad in ornate, grim, skeletal armour with set rubies and black veils

Diablo Immortal patch notes – October 11, 2022

Hallow’s Wake limited-time event

From October 19 – November 2 at 3am server time the boundary separating the living and dead grows paper thin. For a short while, two realms fuse into one for Hallow’s Wake, where dastardly demons and specters run amok in mischievous harmony.

During this spectacle of spirits, players level 20 and above will be tasked with eliminating ghastly goblins, vengeful dead, and cleansing haunted rifts in exchange for Hallowed Stones. These stones can be traded for spooky rewards, such as the Strawman Sack Mask, Ghosted emote, and Hallowed Choker portrait frame. They can also be used to Trick or Treat with the mysterious Crone or a friend of your choice. Will you bestow a treat upon your friends, or hex them with a devious trick?

Infernal Knowledge limited-time event

From October 12-26 at 3am server time, as you complete daily Infernal Knowledge tasks, you’ll receive various rewards for your heroics. Racking up enough completed tasks will also unlock milestone rewards for you—an ode to vanquishing countless demons.

New cosmetic sets

  • Hallowed Dead standard cosmetic set – available in the Hallow’s Wake event shop from October 19 – November 2 at 3am server time for 1,000 Eternal Orbs.
  • Waltz Macabre standard cosmetic set – available from the in-game shop from October 12 at 3am server time for 1,000 Eternal Orbs.

Recruit a Friend program

From October 12 – November 8 at 3am server time, revel in the Hallow’s Wake spirit with new friends at your heels by using the Recruit a Friend feature.

To recruit players, you must be at least level 20. Each player has a unique code that can be found on the Recruit a Friend event page. To be recruited by another player, you must be playing on a new character created on October 12 or after, be under level 20, and have completed the introduction to Diablo Immortal.

If you want to recruit a player who meets the requirements, share your code with them via the event page, and if they redeem your code, they are officially recruited. You may recruit a total of three players using this method. Both the recruiter and recruit will receive various awards as the recruit levels up and completes tasks around Sanctuary.

Rewards for recruiters:

  • Share your code once: two enchanted dust, 30 scrap, and 5,000 gold.
  • One friend redeems your code: six rare crests and six normal gems
  • One friend reaches level 60: one legendary crest, three rare crests, and six normal gems
  • Two friends reach level 60: one legendary crest, three rare crests, and six normal gems
  • Three friends reach level 60: Grim Fellowship portal cosmetic, two legendary crests, and nine rare crests

Rewards for new recruits:

  • Reach level 10: 10,000 gold
  • Reach level 30: one random legendary item from your class
  • Reach level 50: one random legendary item from your class
  • Reach level 60: six rare crests
  • Complete an Elder Rift while in a party: two enchanted dust, 30 scrap, and 5,000 gold
  • Complete a dungeon while in a party: two enchanted dust, 30 scrap, and 5,000 gold
  • Complete a Challenge Rift while in a party: two enchanted dust, 30 scrap, and 5,000 gold

Feature updates

  • Legendary Crest aesthetic update – The aesthetic of Legendary Crests has been changed to create more distinction between itself and Eternal Legendary Crests. The Elder Rift menu has also been updated so players can easily select between all three crest types and clearly see descriptions for each.
  • New resource: Telluric Pearls – Telluric Pearls are a new resource that can be used to craft Five-Star Legendary Gems. There are currently three ways a player can receive Telluric Pearls:
    • By trading Hilts with Lieutenant Fizriah, the Hilt Vendor in Westmarch.
    • Through participating in limited-time events.
    • From purchasing specific in-game shop bundles, such as Seeker’s Supplies and Rift-Runner’s Supplies. The Seeker’s Supplies bundle will now refresh in the shop every Monday and Thursday instead of every three days.
  • Defend the Vault queue – Immortals can now join a queue to defend the Vault. Players will need to assemble a party of four Immortals and head to the Vault in the Hall of Ascension. There, they can enter the queue to defend against a Shadow Raid. While waiting in the queue, players may adventure through Sanctuary freely. Once it is your party’s turn, you’ll be prompted, and if you confirm, you’ll immediately be sent to defend the Vault. As parties in the queue are invited to defend the Vault, your party will receive updates on your place in line. Immortal teams can re-enter the queue as soon as they finish a defense.
  • Shadows notifications tracker – Players will no longer receive notifications for the Assembly after they have completed it for that day.
  • Shadows notifications tracker – The Shadow Lottery notification can now be turned off. Visit the notifications tab within the settings menu to do so.
  • Dark Clan leader substitution – Dark Clan leaders may now assign up to two substitute leaders from within their clan through the Shadow War menu.

Bug fixes and further tweaks

Cycle of Strife

  • The Immortal’s movement speed has been decreased in Shadow War.
  • Players may now choose to immediately move to the next level after completing the current level in Path of Blood.
  • Additional red dots have been added to the Immortals’ interface to bring attention to items in the Strategy tab.
  • Vault Rewards earned during the week of an overthrow will now be rewarded to Immortals.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Immortal Daily Goals to be reset.


  • The party requirement for dungeons in Hell difficulties has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Scions of the Storm Cosmetic to render characters invisible.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the exit to a Hidden Lair to appear before the final boss in the second level is defeated.
  • Fixed a bug where the exit portal was incorrectly spawning prior to Hidden Lair’s second level boss being defeated.
  • Several updates have been made to Wrathborne Invasion:
    • Boss HP will now scale to the number of participants.
    • Increased the number and spawn rate of monsters during the invasion.
    • Added an alert to the Notification Tracker that informs players of where the boss spawns.
  • Optimized SFX for several Helliquary Boss fights.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Cheat Death Gladiator Paragon ability and the Undying Rage Barbarian ability to trigger simultaneously.


  • Removed several broadcasts from the Party channel, such as when items are bought from Wynton’s Grand Market, earned from the Bestiary, gained from events, or dropped from Heavy Ornate Chests.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Castle Defense leaderboard to not refresh.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Ancestral Property in the Inventory to not display until a player has opened the Ancestral Tableau.

Full patch notes courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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