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At last, the first Diablo Immortal update is almost here

The first Diablo Immortal update is just around the corner and has a truckload of new rewards on offer, along with the game's first timed event

The first post-launch Diablo Immortal update is here, bringing with it a new Helliquary boss and a whole new battle pass. The new Diablo Immortal battle pass goes live July 7 at 3 a.m. server time and features several new reward tracks, including a free track and two paid ones. The MMO game’s first paid battle pass track, dubbed “Empowered,” includes all free rank rewards, an exclusive Empowered reward track, and two new cosmetics – Bloodsworn Weapon, unlocked at rank one, and Bloodsworn Amor at rank 40. Then there’s the Collector’s Empowered Pass, which gives you everything from the Empowered pass, along with a Bloodsworn Avatar Frame, Portal Cosmetic, and an automatic 10-rank boost.

The new Diablo Immortal battle pass runs until August 4.

Also included in Blizzard’s overview of the first major update is Vitaath, though technically she showed up in the previous week before the update dropped. Good luck if you try challenging Vitaath, though. Her recommended combat rating is a staggering 2,000. If you’re hoping to challenge Vitaath at higher difficulty levels, you’ll need a combat rating of roughly 3,500.

The new update is adding Diablo Immortal’s first timed event as well, the Hungering Moon Weekend Event. From July 15 through July 18, players can complete challenges to earn Moonslivers and trade them for Blessings. Gathering seven Blessings lets you trade them in for a random reward, and Blizzard teased the moon may reward you with its favor – whatever that means.

Then there’s the usual bug fixes and balance changes you expect with live service patches, but that’s about it for the first Diablo Immortal update. Blizzard emphasized once again that you can expect several more in the coming months, each adding new Helliquary bosses, events, and more.

“It’s our intention for Diablo Immortal to be a game that you can forge friendships over while felling adversaries together and enjoy playing for many years to come,” Blizzard said in the update.

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