Diablo Immortal update to add new zone and character redesign

The next major Diablo Immortal update coming in mid-December is set to introduce a new zone and character redesign option, along with catch-up tools for the RPG

Diablo Immortal update - Ancient Guardians Armour, a design emulating a stone and gold look with glowing blue segments

With news that the second major Diablo Immortal update release date is set for December 14, developers from Blizzard have answered several big questions about changes set to come to the fantasy game. In doing so, they’ve teased the new zone coming as part of the update, along with improvements to let players adjust and admire their character’s appearance. There are also additional details provided on catch-up tools for players new to the RPG game, and improvements to grouping for raids.

Blizzard developers speaking in a Q&A say that the “next major content update will introduce a new zone, Stormpoint, that will expand the story of Diablo Immortal and introduce a new questline.” The answer goes on to promise that Stormpoint will also feature “more farming opportunities, bounties, and unique zone-wide events.”

Also coming in the update are changes to character appearance – specifically, a feature allowing players to re-customise their face. So if you’ve been spending months grimacing every time you saw that character you bashed out in thirty seconds when you first started playing, you’ll have a chance to play it. If you’re wondering why that matters when you spend most of your time wearing a helmet, there’s a good reason – Blizzard says it is “in the thick of production” on implementing the option to hide your helmet during gameplay.

The content update will introduce further improvements to Set item collection, following the popular addition of Diablo Immortal Set item crafting in early November. If you’re worried you’ve fallen a little behind other players on your server, making it tough to group up for dungeons and raids, Blizzard says additional tweaks to the experience boost and drop rate of Legendary and Set items for players who are behind the server Paragon level and Combat Rating are due “in the coming months” to make it easier for players to catch up to their peers.

Furthermore, Blizzard addresses why players looking to group up for Helliquary boss raids have to wait for all bosses to gather enough people to start. It says that this was a design decision made as many players like to run through all the bosses at once; however, it notes that from the December 14 update, you’ll be able to change the raid target boss without leaving, making it even easier to challenge multiple different bosses in quick succession.

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