Diablo Immortal update breaks servers, leaving RPG game unplayable

The new Diablo Immortal update, Terror's Tide, has broken the action RPG game's servers, leaving players demanding a fix from developer Activision Blizzard

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The newest Diablo Immortal update adds a swathe of new content to Blizzard’s action RPG game, but in the wake of Terror’s Tide players have noticed that they’re constantly being kicked out of Sanctuary, leading to waves of irritation and discontent.

Accompanying the latest Diablo Immortal update are a new zone, new bosses, and an expanded Helliquary, all of which combined make this the biggest post-launch update in the game’s history.

While this obviously comes with excitement, it’s no real surprise that a content drop this big has started to cause some significant issues. Released on December 14, players have been experiencing random disconnects pretty much from the get-go, leaving them locked out of Sanctuary entirely.

“Blizzard, fix the servers!” reads an angry Reddit post. “Servers across DI regions in NA are experiencing frequent ‘disconnected from Battle.net’ errors. Chat functions are disabled, report functions are disabled, and these disconnects often kick players out in the middle of Battlegrounds. I was disconnected twice during a single Battlegrounds session today due to this error.

“This issue has been occurring very frequently since post-update. I have personally reached out to players cross-servers and regions and all of them are reporting the same problem. Please address this issue ASAP, the game is unplayable in its current state.”

“Upvote and bump – this s**t is f**king annoying,” comments one player, while another echoes “game is laggy mess lately. The PC version is unplayable right now.”

This has also been reported on Blizzard’s official Diablo Immortal help forum, where one player claims they were disconnected four times in one hour, while another thread reads “after installing the patch, the game crashes constantly.”

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A quick glance at both the Diablo Immortal Twitter, as well as the Blizzard Customer Support account, reports no server outages since the update dropped. Hopefully, the devs spot the waves of concern, though, so we’ll be sure to update this article with any future changes.

Bigger updates often come with issues, but given the scale of this one and the amount of new content on offer, players wanted to dive in as soon as possible. If you’re going to take the plunge, make sure you save often, and perhaps stick to more menial tasks or story quests to ensure you don’t lose anything of value.

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