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Blizzard launch Diablo 3 online character profiles


You’re so vain, Carly Simon might scold, that you probably think this post is about your level 60 Witch Doctor. Well it just might be, now that Blizzard have launched online
Character Profiles
allowing players to view, share, parade and exhibit their precious Diablo 3 characters through the Battle.net website. So yes, in a way, this post really is about your level 60 Witch Doctor. It’s about everybody’s level 60 Witch Doctor. What say you to that, Carly Simon? Yeah, that shut you up, didn’t it? That said, it appears the new feature is being rolled out gradually, with many players currently unable to view their darling heroes. I can’t, personally. Bloody nuisance.

When it eventually works, you’ll be able to peruse your heroes’ gear, stats and skills in as much detail as you might in the game client. “Nuance awaits you in the Heroes tab”, the blog post teases.

You’ll also be able to run through your essential stats: acts cleared, play time per class, artisan levels. A Friends tab stores your Battle.net buddies, allowing you to compare gear, skills and runes with your nearest and dearest. All of this information is tied to your Blizzard forum profile too, so be mindful of your own shortcomings if you’re mouthing off in a thread about wands or something.

It’s a stylish thing, this Character Profile, with crisp, high-resolution art adorning your heroes’ paper doll, and Blizzard have promised to improve it as they go. Log in to Battle.net and take a look, if you can.