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Blizzard reveals upcoming patch 1.0.4 changes to the Witch Doctor


The latest of Blizzard’s daily class previews tackle the Witch Doctor, the Monk and the Demon Hunter, detailing the changes being made to the remaining Diablo 3 classes in the upcoming patch 1.0.4. When I say “the upcoming patch 1.0.4” what I really mean is “the upcoming 1.0.4 patch”, but Blizzard’s strange way of speaking about patch versions has begun to rub off on me.

Either way, the patch will improve pet survivability for the Witch Doctor and, crucially, not impinge on that class’sgod-given ability, nay right,to chuck jars full of spiders and summon Zombie Bears. Monks will generally be given better Spirit Renegation, while Demon Hunters will receive similar means to increase their Hatred Generation, the resources those classes use to fire off their more spectacular skills.

Notably, the Demon Hunter is getting what might be one of the biggest damage increases of the patch 1.0.4 – with Rain of Vengeance going from 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds, to 715% weapon damage over 5 seconds, which is a hefty boost indeed.

The overnight class info-splurge marks the end of the class-preview stage of the pre-patch festivities. With legendary items and system changesnow out of the way, all that’s left for Blizzard toreveal are the much anticipated changes to Magic Find. The patch 1.0.4 arrives later this month. My body is ready.