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Blizzard surveys players about Diablo 3 expansion hunger

Diablo 3 expansion survey

Blizzard’s been probing interest in another Diablo III expansion through a user survey currently being sent to players; looking at our Reaper of Souls review, the interest should be quite high.

NeoGAF user Nirolak was one such player and posted a screenshot of the question: “How interested would you be in playing a second expansion to Diablo III?” The survey covered a lot more than that, of course, such as gaming habits and satisfaction with Diablo. 

Last year Mike Morhaime said that Blizzard was contemplating a close to annual release cadence for Diablo III expansions, so it’s not completely surprising that developer is already testing the waters so soon after the release of Reaper of Souls. 

The changes the last expansion and the patches surrounding it brought to Diablo III can’t really be overstated. Take a look at what our Nick thought of it. “Reaper of Souls is Diablo III at its best,” he said. It really feels like the game I wished Diablo III always was, so another expansion to build on that would be very welcome.

Have any of you lovely lot received the survey? Are you “extremely interested”?

Cheers, NeoGAF

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SkaarjGuy avatarSax avataromegaskell avatarHtorne avatar
Htorne Avatar
3 Years ago

Bought the game when the expansion came out - I'm now paragon level 150. Pretty sure I'm loving it.

SkaarjGuy Avatar
3 Years ago

Color me "extremely interested." I bought Diablo 3 + RoS for the first time a month ago and I loved every moment of it, and I can say for sure I'm excited for the next expansion. Adventure Mode is fun, the Crusader is satisfying, and the loot is exquisite. I'm already at max level on two of my characters. Can't wait to see what other classes Blizzard is thinking of implementing next.

Sax Avatar
3 Years ago

I would be very interested if it included at least two new (preferably not variants of previous ones) character classes.

omegaskell Avatar
3 Years ago

New classes are going to be tough, seeing as they now have 2 of each stat user.. Strg for Crusader/Barb, Int for Witchdoctor/Wizard etc etc... people constantly ask for pvp but im not sure if there is room for it in D3. With the upcoming Ladders thing they are talking about where you have to roll a new character each season in which it can find season specific loot. I think will be the closest to competitive D3 we will reach.