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DDOS attacks disrupt European servers for Diablo III, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Hearthstone

World of Warcraft: one of four lucky games to be plagued by disconnections this morning.

Somebody told me yesterday that April Fools' Day is for people with no sense of humour; that its jokes leave only the teller laughing, and are therefore the opposite of comedy. I’m still not convinced, but a morning of DDOS batterings certainly makes the argument persuasive.

A series of attacks against certain European online services have triggered a wave of disconnections and latency issues across Blizzard’s four pillars of connected PC gaming - Diablo III, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Hearthstone.

The attackers haven’t targeted Blizzard’s infrastructure directly - but rather the online services their games are dependent on in Europe.

The disruption effects “rippled” overnight, said Blizzard, and have now been felt “by a portion of our players’ population” - namely, that portion that resides in Europe.

“Diablo, World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Hearthstone players may be impacted by high latency and disconnections during their gaming experience that are the result of a series of DDoS attacks on certain European online services,” explained the developers.

“While we are closely monitoring the situation we wanted to thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Hello, April. Sigh. I haven’t logged into Hearthstone since yesterday afternoon, when all seemed hunky dory. Have you had any problems since?

Cheers, CVG.

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Grgoljblaster avatarAever avatarjohndoe1990 avatar
Grgoljblaster Avatar
4 Years ago

1st april really brings up the inner douchebag from people, don't you think?

Aever Avatar
4 Years ago

Mandatory comment about how Diablo 3 should allow for offline play.

johndoe1990 Avatar
2 Years ago

Lol, like wth? it would already be hard to believe someone would have any interest in generating enough bandwidth to drop Blizzard server infrastructure..And by an external attack.. Could you imagine the bandwidth required and the reflection it would need to ''DDos'' a server like blizzard nowadays? Not a bank! Not for millions of dollars...For....A game provider 0o' (The issue was obviously not caused by a Distributed Denial Of Services.) a server hidden behind army of honeypot, Vacuum server, Anti-DDos Cloud protection... I dont even mention they're ISP and 'Incapsula Like' protection services..

To gave an example, while blizzard closer server should be at 4 hop from me, they're actually 18 hop.. 14 of them are god damn Anti-DDos protections, Firewall, Vacuum and we don't know what else or where goes the rest of the request time out..Blizz server is probably as secure ''or should be'' as a god damn bank... Someone could manage that kind of DDos for a bank...Not for a fcking game provider WTF?

Your stating that an external ''DDos'' attack would have been strong enough to saturate the whole online infrastructure Blizzard is tunneling trough?

To me it means that the whole European city your server is located and the complete ISP service would have been down with it..

They're is no botnet on heart able to generate enough bandwidth and Redirect to do it... To win nothing else then Kill some Hardcore diablo3 player... woooo :o

Unless the attack was leaded from the inside acting like a ''Redirect Forkbomb'' looping the bandwidth from the rooter itself (DDosing yourself using your own debit).. Or! A major vulnerability issue to gave it almost free for anyone to boot offline your server... In both case, i cant hardly imagine how an external attacker is able to discover and exploit for such evident weakness without the ''Online Services the game depend on'' ever noticing it...

Let be blizzard try to save itself from a reputation of perfect dulled by realizing that They either DDos Themself!!! Or to admit an external sources could discover and exploit weakness trough there infrastructure before they even realize it... Maybe it just to justifies a loss of immense debit(flow) by declaring that they just got ''DDos'' so no one will worry about where have gone that...? ...4-500Gbps bandwidth? Btw... im curious.... Where did it broke trough?

It kinda hard to believe 400gbps during an whole night (make the calculation by yourself but to me it sound like it enough internet debit to provide service for an whole years to a small city ..) and it just finally gone... 'POUF' disappeared i supposed? And your server had no vulnerability issue? And Your ISP either? And the attack was not either coming from the inside (Like you ddos yourself?)...

Then it make no sense, Stopped taking us for idiot. ;)

WE have payed to play Diablo3, YOU have decided to develop the game to be played 'In-direct with your server only' . So WE end-up constantly suffering and lagging because you are unable to host and send your packet on a reliable way! All i want i play the game i payed for, if the multiplayer Lag for X reason then i should be able to play single player until it fixed....

Best Regards.

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