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Diablo 3 auction house improvements coming: better filters and auction cancellations


Anybody who’s used Diablo 3’s auction house enough will be aware of the painfully limited search filters available for players looking to find equipment with preferred stats (read “players”). No longer! A Blizzard community manager’s confirmed that they’ll be bumping the number of auction house filters from three to six in a coming update, allowing bargain hunters to be extremely precise in their searches. This might not sound like a big deal, but Diablo 3 players have been demanding this change for months. Months! It’s one of the very few changes everybody agrees needs to be made, and it’s finally arriving.

“We’re looking to bump the number of Preferred Stats slots from 3 up to 6,” writes Lylirra on the Diablo 3 forum, curiously replying toa thread that had been dead for a month. “We’re also looking to bump the number of digits in the “Min Value” window from 3 to 5 (so you can search for Preferred Stat values higher than “999”).”

A relief then for max level players whose game has evolved/devolved into farming gold for very, very slightly better equipment from the auction house. It’ll be interesting to see if this effects prices too, with lower quality weapons now less able to sneak into auction house search results. This could effectively even render swathes of the auction house invisible – perhaps the very reason for the delay in implementing this change.

Mentioned elsewhere by the same community manager, at around the same time, was another potential AH change. From patch 1.0.4, potentially, sellers will be able to cancel auctions without bids. “We definitely want to provide players with the option to cancel an auction (at any point after it’s posted) so long as it does not have any bids. Right now, we’re looking at this for 1.0.4, but that of course may change depending on implementation and testing.”

Changes are certainly afoot in auction house land. Get your tiny David Dickinson gavel out (the one used by tiny David Dickinson).