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Diablo 3 celebrates its birthday with 100 percent bonuses to Legendary loot and Rift Fragment gains

Diablo III anniversary

It was Diablo III’s two year anniversary last week, and it’s come a long way since its troubled birth, which our Reaper of Souls review declared to have remedied. Gone is the awful Auction House, Loot 2.0 has revolutionised the never-ending hunt for gear and Reaper of Souls expanded the campaign and added the lovely, bulky Templar. 

To celebrate, Blizzard’s rewarding Sanctuary defenders. But not for long. Log into Diablo III this week, and you’ll be able to gather a mountain of Legendary loot. 

From today until Thursday, May 22nd, players will receive a whopping double the number of Rift Fragment gains and a 100 percent bonus to Legendary drops.

Lamentably, I’ll have bugger all time to take advantage of the celebration, so go and gather lots of loot and Rift Fragments in my name, will you?

It’s certainly worthy of celebration, as Diablo III has gone from a very shaky and arguably unworthy successor to Diablo II to a superb, far more balanced experience.

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