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Diablo 3 hotfixes tweak the reward structure: sometimes you’ll get more, sometimes you’ll get less

Diablo 3

A series of hotfixes were applied to Diablo III today, adjusting the “ overall reward structures within the game.”

What does this actually mean? Simply put, in some instances you’ll be getting better rewards, and in others, less rewards. See how it compares to our intial thoughts in our Reaper of Souls review, and let the conflicting emotions commence!

The good news is that legendary drops have been bumped up from 25 percent in rifts to 100 percent, meaning that there’s double the chance of a legendary dropping in a rift compared to outside of them.

Kadala, the Adventure Mode character who players can purchase unidentified items from for blood shards, has been tweaked as well. The items she provides are now a lot more likely to be legendary.

On the other side, unique monsters now drop fewer items. Blizzard felt that they dropped more rewards than the challenge of defeating them warranted. And across the game, chest spawns have been thinned out. Diablo III game designer Travis Day explained that farming chests had become more profitable than killing monsters, so now it’s harder for players to simply flip games and farm them. “It is very important to us that chests are exciting to find and feel rewarding but presently they are far too common and reliable to farm in certain areas of the game,” he said.

Blizzard will be keeping a close eye on loot and Day said that it was not the developer’s goal to take loot away from people. “Loot is an incredibly important aspect of Diablo games and we will continue to keep a very close eye on it. If more problems arise we will continue striving to address them. It isn’t our goal to take loot away from people, we just want to make sure they are having as much fun as possible while finding it and these changes all support that goal.”

If you’ve jumped in game today, have the changes to rewards been noticeable?