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Diablo 3’s 1.0.4 patch causing Escrow Error 317402 in the real money auction house; players claim to be losing items and money


Whilst Diablo III’s 1.0.4 patch may have brought with it a wealth of welcome improvements, like an extra 100 levels for players to climb, a feat that will take months to accomplish, it seems to have also introduced a bug to the auction house that is affecting a number of players. The Escrow Error 317402 has effected people trying to buy items, the money is removed from their account but the item is never received.

A quick scan of the forums finds almost 20 threads of people reporting the problem, with over 50 users across them all claiming to have been effected. Not a vast crowd, assuming that there aren’t a large numberof players who haven’t posted on the forums about the problem, but this could quickly become an issue for Blizzard considering that real money is changing hands to barter on this market. One player claims that they lost 60m gold, equivalent to $150. If this is true, there could be some very unhappy players.

Some players report that after a few days the items returned to their inventory, so it may just be a temporary blip.

We’ve reached out to Blizzard for comment.