Diablo 3’s browser based damage calculator will shame you into buying better bracers


When Jimmy Babbage created his Spot the Difference engine way back in the 1980s, he never could’ve imagined it would be put to use calculating the DPS of a level 60 barb dual-wielding legendaries and rares like he just don’t care(s). But that’s precisely what clever player and calculator-fan Dyril has done, having invented a handy, browser based Diablo 3 damage calculator that allows you to manually input your item stats and skill modifiers to reveal your true combat effectiveness.

Unlike most other DPS calculators I’ve seen, this one’s canny enough to work out damage in both dual- and one-handed setups, and comes with a handy checklist of DPS-altering passive and active class skills. You can also save your current profile, enabling you to compare new weapons and items at a later date. It’s worth scanning through the brief readme at the top however – seems there’s some hidden Blizzard spice that rounds off some stats and not others, leading to some inaccuracies in the calculator’sresults.

Even if you’re not a hardcore Diablo 3 player, I’ve found that manually appraising your gear like this is a fine way of noticing how embarrassingly crap your bracers are. For example:I really need new bracers.

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