Diablo 3’s near-immortal Barbarian exploit has been patched


And just like that, the second class-based exploit to crop up in Diablo 3 in as many days has been plugged by Blizzard. Up until yesterday and for Ghom knows how long before that, Barbarians could achieve near-immortality by scooting into a cutscene while using Furious Charge, permanently imbuing themselves with that skill’s health and damage-boosting effects. That cutscene, by the way, is the one right before you fight Ghom, which is why the joke in the previous sentence is really quite clever when you stop and think about it. Earlier this week, Blizzard patched a similar, yet more powerful exploit for the Wizard class.

It’s likely that both of these exploits have in fact existed for some time, and it’s only once they’d been widely publicised that Blizzard moved to patch Diablo 3 and prevent players from earning an unfair advantage. Here’s the more impressive wizard exploit in action:

And here’s the Barbarian exploit, which while not as powerful – giving a chunky 8% life on hit rather than actual invincibility – does have a guy in a panda hat narrating from the corner of the screen.

Both bugs have been promptly fixed, andare presented for posterity.I can’t wait until the Monk exploit launches.

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