Diablo player Alkaizer reaches Paragon level 100 in just two weeks, internet is amazed


It’s taken Alkaizer two weeks to what should have taken months, possibly a year, to do. He’s raced through all 100 of the Paragon levels added to Diablo 3 by Blizzard in the 1.0.4 patch, levels which required players to gather hundreds of millions of XP points to get. We go through how he managed this below.

“Don’t expect to hear from the first Paragon level 100 character for a long time.” That’s what our own Steve Hogarty said after the patch came out. And in brief, this is why. Each Paragon level needed you to attain double the XP of the previous level, meaning it didn’t take long till you need hundreds of millions of XP for each level up. As demonstrated in Steve’s graph:

The first 60 levels of the game become insignificant in sight of the work needed to get the level 160 (standard 60 levels + 100 Paragon levels).

How then, how didAlkaizer manage it so quickly?

Watch for yourself:

That video, put together by Moldran, details the Paragon farming routine:

  • An experience gem in your helm, providing you with 27%+ bonus experience.
  • At least a24% movement speed bonus.
  • Then run through:
    • Core of Arreat
    • Tower of the damned lvl1
    • Arreat Crater lvl2
    • Fields of Slaughter (Bridge of Corsaic – WP)
    • The keep depths lvl2 (From lvl1 WP)

Apparently a run only takes 10 minutes, and just looping that run over and over gets you a vast amount of XP.

The speed buff means you are able to run between the elites and stack up to five elite kills giving you a further bonus to XP. This method seems to only work for Barbarians because they have powers that give them further buffs to speed and attacks with good residual damage: check out the recommended build here.

Well done Alkaizer, you beat Blizzard at their own game. Oh and, as Phill pointed out yesterday, this is the equipment Alkaizer was rocking. Makes my level 30 Witch Doctor look s***.