Italian player finds the best weapon in Diablo 3


What’s the biggest number you can think of? A hundred? Seven hundred and fifty three? Well take a look at this two-handed axe found by an Italian Diablo 3 player, which is reported to have the highest DPS of any weapon yet found in the game.

Nabbed by a Diablo 3 fansite,the barbarian-only axe doles out an impressive1796.7 damage per second and comes with a 23% increased attack speed, which makes it a very nice axe indeed. It also has mega bonuses for dexterity and intelligence that are, in practice, not all that useful for a barbarian. But hey, popping this arbitrary collection of pixelson the real money auction house would easily earn its owner a cool €250. Meanwhile, on Reddit, user dalni spotted an even larger number next to another axe, which contradicts the headline we just wrote. 1864.7 DPS! Just how big do these numbers go? Where does it end?

We have no idea what this onedoes.