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Treasures unearthed: new Diablo 3 legendaries revealed

New Diablo III Legendaries

A Chinese Diablo III database site has managed to unearth a whole trove of legendary items that are currently not present in the game. Speculation says that these could be the ladder specific legendaries that will arrive in patch 2.1. That aside, I can actually verify myself that some of these legendaries were present within the Reaper of Souls closed beta. Some of them even accompanied me in my Reaper of Souls review.

You can take a peek at each and every one below the break.

I used the Wojahnni Assaulter during my time in the Reaper of Souls closed beta, so I know this revelation has some legitimacy. Only a select few have additional legendary affixes present, while the rest just have buffed up stats. Hopefully these aren’t final, and they all receive the same love whenever they’re implemented.

Here’s some screenshots of the ones with special affixes:

Diablo III Legendary

Diablo III Legendary 2

Diablo III Legendary 3

Diablo III Legendary 4

Diablo III Legendary 5

You can check out the rest of the list here.