What’s about to change in the next Diablo III update? Blizzard reveal version 1.0.3 details


The official Diablo III blog has opened up its Trenchcoat of +4 Revelations and is currently waving its Patch 1.0.3 Preview of… Metaphors in our shocked faces. That is to say, they’ve revealed the changes being made in the next Diablo III update, which lands later this month. We’ve summarised the best bits for you below.

All those nights you spent unable to sleep, worrying about the drop-rates of high level items in Inferno mode? Put them behind you, as Blizzard promise that this update will ensure bigger weapons with better numbers are dropping in earlier Inferno Acts. Legendary items, Blizzard are keen to stress, will remain unchanged for now, but are still planned in the long-term to become more unique, more powerful and more legendary.

Bonus monster damage per additional co-op player has been removed, which will make group play a whole lot easier. Repair costs on level 60 characters are going up by a factor of either four or six, so max-level players will be more harshly penalised for shuffling from their mortal coils. Personally alarming for me (as a speed-build Monk), is the proposed reduction in the effectiveness of increased attack speed perks – some loudmouth players complained that it was too dominant a stat, humph.
Blacksmithery and Jewelcraftery costs are being reduced too, which is painful news for anybody who’s been forking out tens of thousands to teach some dude how to make a better pair of trousers. Why can’t everything just stay the same forever? Bah!
You can read the full list of changes here.