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Die even more: Teleglitch gets an arena mode

Teleglitch Arena Mode

It can’t be said enough: Teleglitch: Die More Edition is brilliant and evil, and you really should be playing it. It’s a grimey, minimalistic roguelike with junk crafting and horrific creatures that are far too adept at killing you. I reviewed it, calling it an “utter bastard”, but in the best possible way.

There’s even more reason to play it now, as it’s just been slapped with a hefty update and, serendipitously, it’s dirt cheap right now on Steam. You’d be loopy not to play it and wonder how you’re ever going to survive.

Teleglitch’s free update, on top of fiddling around with the interface and fixing some bugs, adds Arena Mode, touted as the place for veterans to test their skills. It’s divided into four chapters of challenges, where you’ll face overwhelming odds that you must dispatch with a predetermined loadout. It’s a horde mode, essentially, but probably significantly more stressful.

You can grab Teleglitch now on Steam for measly £3.99/$4.42 and check out the update. Though you might want to hold off on jumping into the new mode, and check out the superb campaign first.

On a side note, Teleglitch is the only thing I’ve play on a Steam Machine, and gosh is it even more devastatingly tough on a controller. A hotel lobby filled with people laughed at my many deaths, and I still have nightmares. Teleglitch, you utter bastard.