Dinkum is like Stardew Valley, except it’s Australia so everything wants to kill you

Another farm sim is upon us, but one with a deadly twist

As a long line of games from Harvest Moon to Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley have taught us, there’s no escaping the appeal of a simple life of living off the land with a close-knit group of fellow country people. Dinkum, from solo developer James Bendon and publisher The Irregular Corporation, follows in that tradition – except this one takes you to the Australian outback.

Dinkum takes place on an Aussie-inspired island full of everything from eucalyptus forests to swampy billabongs. You’ll get to build up a town and attract new citizens that’ll open new shops with unique items, construct and customise a house, and start a farm full of crops, chickens, cows, and, er, giant wombats.

You’ll also head into the outback itself to search for treasure, fish, and bugs, and to go hunting Australia’s infamous selection of deadly creatures. There are sharks, crocodiles, and unusually aggressive kangaroos to contend with, all of which fit in with the assumptions I hold about the Australian countryside.

If you need a little help surviving the cruelties of nature, you can bring in friends for co-op play, too.

You can see plenty more in the trailer above (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun).

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Dinkum has a Steam page, though no pricing or release info is up there just yet. If you want to support your indies, you can still add the game to your wishlist.